Because a child inherits half of his or her DNA from each biological parent, a peace of mind paternity test reveals whether the child inherited DNA from the alleged father. When individuals are biologically related as parent and child, their DNA profiles show predictable patterns of genetic inheritance.

An “In-Home” or peace of mind paternity test is characterised by the self-collection of the genetic sample by the test participants. With the sample collection kit we send, you can perform the buccal (cheek) swabbing to collect the DNA samples yourself from all the parties involved.

NOTE: Peace of mind paternity test results are not legally defensible.

Peace of Mind Paternity Test Highlights:

  • Quick Results

    Highly accurate results in 3-4 days after receiving sample

  • Painless Collection

    Buccal (cheek) swabbing is used to collect the DNA sample

  • Low Cost

    Our highly accurate tests are inexpensive

  • Confidential

    All results are private and confidential

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