Along with providing high-quality DNA testing services, DDC offers drug-alcohol testing. This drug-alcohol test can detect when a person misuses drugs or alcohol. The process of the body metabolizing drugs or alcohol produces waste deposits. These deposits are called metabolites and are ingrained in the hair follicle where they can be detected even as the hair continues to grow. The lab can test for these metabolites to get a clear window into the use or abstinence from drugs by that individual.

This type of testing gives a clear historical record of substance misuse, unlike urine or saliva testing that will only show drug use from the prior few days, as hair tends to grow at a quantifiable rate and can be measured.

Drug Testing Overview and Segmentation

Overview report: On a four cm length of hair, we can give a general report that will show drug use over a four-month period.

Segmentation report: For cases where a segmented view of historical drug use is needed to identify trend use over a period of time. We would divide the four cm section into a four individual month report. The report is more precise and would be strongly recommended for legal proceedings.

Alcohol Testing

In the same way that hair drug testing identifies the metabolites from drug usage, hair testing for alcohol detects alcohol biomarkers. Fatty Acid Ethyl Esters and Ethyl Glucuronide. The biomarkers are generated as alcohol is consumed and can be identified in the hair of an individual with chronic excessive alcohol consumption. This type of testing is only done for 3 or 6 month periods.