PooPrints DNA Dog Waste Identification

Dog Fouling

Don’t you hate it when irresponsible pet owners don’t clean up after themselves? Don’t you wish there was an easy method for dog fouling identification in your community? There is, thanks to the PooPrints commercial DNA Pet Waste Management service.

The Problem with Dog Waste

The British are well known for their love of dogs and there are currently nearly nine million canines living within our shores. In real terms this means that one in every four adults in the UK now owns a dog. These are heart-warming numbers until we consider a rather more worrying statistic. In some areas of the UK nearly 40% of dog owners do not pick up after their pets. This is causing significant problems for local councils and the local community.  In fact, it is a serious health hazard found typically in areas where young children and families spend their leisure time.

Trying to keep public areas clean of dog fouling, educating dog owners to clean up after their pets, and as a last resort, enforcing penalties is a costly and time-consuming process. Despite these problems being caused by irresponsible owners, it is often the local councils that come in for criticism if fouling is commonplace.

With local council budgets under strain, it has been difficult to find a cost effective way of deterring this type of antisocial behavior. Authorities have been looking for cost-effective ways to reduce dog fouling and enforce the laws surrounding this problem.

The Solution to Unidentified Dog Waste

With the rapid advances in DNA Technology, our innovative solution is not only effective but also partly self-funding at a time when local authority budgets are stretched.  It will provide a definitive tool to address dog-fouling identification.

PooPrints is a DNA service currently active in over 3,000 global locations. It is a way to hold dog owners accountable but also to encourage responsible dog ownership. The PooPrints program is a database that authorities can use to build their own DNA records for their dog population.

The Process for Dog Waste Identification

  • Dog owners provide a simple mouth swab from their dog. This is profiled and the dog’s unique genetic data is uploaded to the database
  • When uncollected dog faeces are found, a small sample is sent to the lab for DNA profiling
  • The DNA profile is compared to the DNA in the database
  • If a match is found, the owner is identified and fined

The PooPrints system includes:

  • A one-off DNA registration fee
  • Canine identification in case a dog is a lost or stolen (as chips can be removed)
  • Free access to the DNA World Pet Registry, giving you access to the pet health and wellness app

Additional Benefits of the DNA Testing Database

The database can be used for other applications such as incontrovertible evidence to identify dogs that may have played a part in an attack on other animals or humans. It can also provide evidence in cases where illegal puppy farms are identified.