DDC has worked for many years with Afghan communities and specialises in DNA testing in Afghanistan to help relatives reunite in the UK and USA with our approved immigration DNA tests. DDC’s laboratory certificates ensure our testing results are routinely used for immigration appeals and applications.

Understanding the DNA Process?

DDC is the chosen laboratory throughout Asia for immigration and law companies having successfully performed over 1 million genetic tests since in 1995. DDC’s immigration programme is accepted and certified throughout Afghanistan and we have a DNA collection facility in Kabul to serve Afghans who require a DNA test.

If you desire a family relative to be reunited with you in the UK or USA, DDC will analyse and process DNA samples to confirm the tested parties are related. A doctor will follow a stringent procedure and will collect a simple mouth (buccal) sample from each person being tested. Soft swabs are used are for collecting your DNA from inside of the mouth. Collecting cheek cells by brushing the swab against the inside of the cheek is non-invasive, pain free, and fast.

Once the swabs from all parties have been tested, identification validated and documentation completed – these will be dispatched to the DDC laboratory and the analysis will commence once received. Once the test is concluded, individuals can use those testing results as part of their immigration application or to form part of their appeal.

DNA Testing in Afghanistan

Sample collection for DNA testing in Afghanistan can be done at our facility in the capital city of Kabul. Our sample collector, who will advise you on the details of your appointment, will coordinate setting up an appointment for you at this facility.

New Beginning in the UK

It’s estimated that in the UK today, there are some 75,000 Afghans now living and working in the United Kingdom, with the majority settling in the capital London and the boroughs. In the west London borough of Harrow it’s reported that there are 10,000 Afghans who are settled in their new life in the UK.

DDC’s expertise and years of experience has enabled Afghans to be reunited with family members and relatives. Offering various tests for paternity and relationship testing, DDC are able to assist Afghans with a comprehensive range of DNA testing services that can be used as part of your immigration application or aid your immigration appeal.

Dedicated Customer Commitment

Our staff will look after you every step of the way—organise your appointment, help you understand the process, and update you fully throughout the entire experience of DNA testing in Afghanistan.

Do you need advice? Phone DDC on 0845 408 2084, or if you are calling from outside the UK please dial +44 20 3301 7346. We will be pleased to assist you with your immigration needs.