Established in 1995, DDC is the largest private DNA testing laboratory globally and has analysed over 1 million DNA samples to date. DDC specialises in providing DNA testing in Cameroon for both peace of mind and for legal reasons such as child/family disputes and immigration matters.

Our client services team are committed to delivering excellent customer service along with fast, affordable and accredited DNA testing services. We work closely with immigration professionals, border agencies, private clients and doctors throughout Cameroon. Every step of the testing process is monitored with our quality assurance program that ensures all documentation and sample collection adheres to international standards.

Explain DNA Testing in Cameroon

Over the last decade, DDC has delivered DNA testing in Cameroon for immigration solutions to those wishing to immigrate to the UK, throughout Europe and the United States of America. Individuals who wish to be reunited with loved ones overseas continuously turn to DDC to assist them as part of their immigration application or follow up appeal. Authorities and border security are often requesting individuals to provide accredited and approved DNA testing results to satisfy family relations.

To begin taking a DNA test, DDC would coordinate sample collection for parties who are included in the DNA test. With over 4,500 collection centres worldwide we would provide a collection facility that’s convenient and nearby to your location. At the collection facility, a simple buccal swab, similar to a cotton bud is brushed against the inside of the cheek to collect cells that contain DNA. Once all swabs have been collected using this method, paperwork and identify verified, this will be shipped to the DDC laboratory for testing.

If you would like to discuss your situation with our immigration team, please see the national and international contact details listed at the bottom of this page.

Do you have a collection facility in Cameroon?

DDC have a large network of collection centres throughout West Africa with our main collection facility in Cameroon being situated in the capital city of Yaoundé. If you’re based outside of Yaoundé, please contact our immigration team to assist you further.

Moving to the United Kingdom

A large number of Cameroonians are currently living and working in the UK with an estimated figure of 130,000 settled throughout the country. Large Cameroonian communities can be found in south-east London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool.

DDC prides itself on expert customer service and assistance to all clients and we’re delighted to offer a free consultation on your case and advise you accordingly.

Understanding and Support

As the leading global DNA testing laboratory, we’ve assisted large numbers of Cameroonians requiring a DNA test. We will guide you through each stage of the test and will update at every step.

Call us today on 0845 408 2084 for help and assistance. If your calling from Cameroon or outside the UK, please dial +44 20 3301 7346. We welcome your call and look forward to assisting you.