DDC is accredited in the field of DNA testing in Congo and provides services with expertise in assisting many families from the Congo to be reunited with loved ones who are based in the UK or USA. DDC is fully certified and our results are accepted and approved for legal situations involving family disputes and used for immigration applications and appeals.

Understand DNA Testing in Congo

DDC was established in 1995 and has achieved an outstanding 100% testing record with our stringent testing procedures and dual processing of each and every DNA sample.

The collection of DNA is quick, pain free and simple to administer. We work with a number of highly respected and authorised medical centres and individual doctors worldwide who work with DDC providing DNA sample collection for both family law and immigration cases.

Our legal swab kits and official paperwork are on site in Congo and this helps to quicken the process, rather than shipping the relevant supplies on an individual basis. Our team of experienced immigration DNA testing advisors will liaise with our doctor in the Congo and will organise and confirm your appointment for your DNA to be collected.

In many instances, clients that wish to join a relative in the UK or US are commonly taking a DNA test to confirm that there is a common biological link between family members. The doctor has to follow strict step-by-step instructions regarding sample collection and the completion of the official paperwork. Once these requirements have been completed, all documentation and DNA swabs will be shipped to our laboratory to be tested. Once received the analysis will take 5 working days and in many instances these results are used for official immigration purposes.

If you’re in need of DNA testing in Congo, simply contact DNA Diagnostics Centre and we will be available to address your questions and advise you on the DNA sample collection procedures. Our team can coordinate a convenient appointment for you and we shall provide full details once confirmed. Once at the medical centre, swabs will be taken to collect DNA for those that are participating in the DNA test. In order to collect DNA, we insist on swabs that are rubbed against the inside of the mouth collecting DNA from the cheek cells – this is a highly accurate way of collecting DNA and is painless. Once the swabs are taken, identification confirmed and paperwork completed in full – these will be dispatched to the DDC laboratory to commence with testing.

Where in Congo can I have my DNA collected?

Booking an appointment for DNA testing in Congo will be handled by one our immigration advisors. We have collection centres in both Kinshasa and Brazaville, simply state the preferred location and our advisor will advise on the details of the medical centre and the doctor who will be handling the DNA sample collections.

Beginning a new life in the UK

Congolese migration to the United Kingdom began in the late 1980’s and has seen a steady growth in numbers. Statistics indicate that there are some 35,000 Congolese now residing in the United Kingdom. The vast majority of Congolese are based in London boroughs like Victoria, Tottenham, Hackney and a number of suburbs in close proximity to London.

DDC brings a wealth of experience in serving Congolese individuals that wish to be reunited with family members and experience a new life in the United Kingdom. Approved and accredited DNA testing services are used for a variety of reasons with many clients using the results as part of their immigration application or appeal.

What to do next?

Contact our immigration team at DDC and we will organise all DNA collection appointments and advise you on how the testing process works and the duration of this service. Once a client has instructed us to proceed, our consultants will be in regular contact and will update on progress being made and a test completion date.

Contact DDC UK on 0845 408 2084. Or if your calling from Congo or outside the UK please call +44 20 3301 7346. Our team speaks French and we look forward to assisting you and answering all your questions.