DDC has been offering DNA testing in Ecuador since being established in 1995 and serves to assist many families throughout Ecuador attempting to migrate to the UK, Europe, or USA.

Our fully certified and approved DNA test results are used for immigration applications and are increasingly being used for appeals. Many border authorities have now introduced increased regulations on immigration, individuals are asked to provide proof of biological relationships.

Understand DNA Testing in Ecuador

Clients have full peace of mind with our accredited DNA testing services. Meeting a variety of prestigious laboratory certifications such as ISO17025 thus ensuring our 100% testing record. In addition to this, DDC process each and every DNA sample twice with our patented dual processing technique to accurately confirm test report findings.

Those taking part in the test itself are required to have DNA samples collected using buccal swabs through an approved collector. The swabs are brushed against the inside of the cheek and collect many cheek cells containing DNA. Once the DNA collection has been completed, the swabs and the relevant documentation will be forwarded to the DDC laboratory for rigorous testing.

DDC has assisted a large number of Ecuadorians who require DNA testing in Ecuador to provide biological evidence that they are related to a family member. If you need additional information on our testing range and procedures for a DNA immigration test, please contact our experienced immigration team who will be delighted to offer you expert consultation.

How should you proceed?

The first step is to contact DDC today to receive no obligation advice on the test type required for you and your family members. Once clarified, our advisors will explain the sample collection process, the DNA analysis and then begin to coordinate all sample collection appointments.

Once your instruction has been confirmed, our advisors will furnish clients with the collection centres details relating to DNA collection and schedule a suitable time for you to attend. For individuals already based in the UK, sample collection service is complimentary for immigration testing at our west London facility.

Contact us in confidence by calling the UK DDC immigration team on 0845 408 2084. If you’re based outside of the United Kingdom please call +44 20 3301 7346. Your enquiry will be met by a skilled and knowledgeable advisor who will be happy to assist.