DDC has been offering DNA testing in Egypt since launching our services in 1995 and continues to aid many families throughout Egypt looking to migrate overseas to the UK, Europe or the USA.

Our fully certified DNA testing results are commonly used as part of individual’s immigration applications and many are now including DNA testing results within their appeals. As border authorities introduce stricter regulations on immigration, individuals are being requested to provide approved verification of family relationships.

Is DNA testing in Egypt simple?

DDC works with a number of approved medical professionals based in Egypt who bring a wealth of experience in DNA sample collection and who are recognised to carry out this procedure. All medical professionals collecting DNA samples follow a strict chain of custody in the collection of samples and completion of paperwork.

The collecting of DNA samples through a buccal swab is pain free, fast and provides the same accuracy as a blood sample. The swab is gently brushed against the inside of the individual’s cheek and during this motion cheek cells are collected by the swab. The cheek cells contain DNA – unique genetic information on each individual. These cells are extracted from the swab and analysed to determine if there is biological match between individuals.

Where can I have samples collected in Egypt?

As the leading worldwide DNA testing laboratory, DDC work with many collection centres and serve over 168 countries with our DNA testing services. In Egypt, we have DNA collection facilities in Cairo and Alexandria.

Contact our expert immigration team today for further details relating to the test you require and where your family members are located and required to participate in the DNA test, so we’re be able to coordinate all appointments on your behalf and provide full confirmation.

Migrating to the UK from Egypt

The Office for National Statistics recently estimated that were 27,000 Egyptians are now living and working throughout the United Kingdom. Significant Egyptian communities can be found in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow and Birmingham. Over the years larger numbers of Egyptians have also moved throughout the Middle East and further afield to Australia and Canada.

DDC has helped and benefitted Egyptian families with our DNA immigration testing services, reuniting family relatives in both the UK and USA. Having successfully processed over 1 million DNA samples worldwide, DDC delivers a wealth of experience and peace of mind to all clients.

Client Services Excellence

Private clients, immigration experts, and solicitors continually rely on DDC for approved DNA testing in Egypt. Along with our accredited services, we deliver 100% accurate results. DDC’s client services team are experienced, caring, and knowledgeable and has enabled DDC to become the most trusted DNA testing centre in the United Kingdom.

If you require expert consultation, call DDC today on 0845 408 2084. If you’re calling from outside of the United Kingdom please dial +44 20 3301 7346. We look forward to assisting you and your relatives.