DDC is a fully accredited DNA testing laboratory and used by embassies, immigration services, and private clients who require an immigration or peace of mind DNA test. Our experienced team is dedicated to serving our clients with DNA testing in Ghana by working closely with the authorities, immigration specialists, and approved panel doctors. Each step of the testing process is closely managed ensuring all identification, sample collection and complete documentation is correct before the analysis commences.

Understand DNA Testing in Ghana?

Building solid foundations in Ghana since 1995 has ensured that DDC are the chosen laboratory for immigration testing in to the USA and UK. Since offering immigration DNA testing in Ghana, we have assisted many Ghanaian families who are in need of a DNA test to supplement their immigration application. Providing biological evidence between relatives is increasingly being requested by authorities to determine family ties.

To start this procedure, we would arrange for each of the tested parties to attend a medical centre to have their DNA samples collected and official paperwork completed. Having ones DNA sample collected is fast, pain free and simple to perform. Using a soft swab, similar to a cotton bud, the swab is inserted against the inside of the mouth and brushed up and down collecting cheek cells. From those cheek cells collected by the swab, we then extract DNA from those cells to perform your DNA test. Once this procedure has been completed and identification details provided, your samples and paperwork will be sent to the laboratory to undergo rigorous testing.

If you would like to have additional information, call DDC’s offices and discuss the test that you require and we can advise on your personal situation. Our team will schedule an appointment at a medical centre and confirm all the details for you to begin your test.

Where in Ghana are you based?

DDC have a widespread network of collection facilities across West Africa. In Ghana our collection centre facilities are based in Accra and Kumasi and we can schedule appointments at either one that is most convenient to you.

To schedule your appointment at our centres, contact our immigration advisors by phone or email and we will be on hand to assist you.

Coming to the UK

An increasing number of Ghanaians are opting to move to the United Kingdom to start a new life with their relatives with figures suggesting that over 100,000 have made the move. The vast majority of Ghanaians are based in London districts such as Brixton, Mitcham and Dalston. Outside of London, there are sizeable communities in Birmingham and Manchester.

DDC strive to offer the fastest, most affordable and convenient immigration DNA testing program through our range of accredited DNA testing services.

Total Dedication and Support

DDC’s experienced immigration team will help and assist you through your DNA immigration test and will be able to offer ongoing consultation on your test and progression being made.

If your calling from Ghana or outside of the United Kingdom please dial +44 20 3301 7346. Our UK contact telephone number is 0845 408 2084. We look forward to handling your immigration case.