Families from Iraq requiring DNA immigration services to reunite with relatives in UK, Europe and USA can now call on the world’s largest private DNA testing lab to provide approved and high accuracy DNA testing services. The DDC laboratory is fully certified and excels in providing DNA testing in Iraq suitable for immigration aspects such as applications or appeals.

Start DNA Testing in Iraq

Iraqis wanting to take a DNA test to support their immigration application or requiring this to form part of their appeal can contact our immigration team for immediate advice. Since 1995, Iraqi families have used DDC to provide biological documentation to the relevant authorities that they are biologically related to tested individuals.

We work closely with a certified panel doctor in Iraq, who’s authorised to carry out DNA sample collections on our behalf. The collection facility carried our official legal paperwork and legal swab collection kits – this is to prevent delays when shipping supplies to collection centres. Our experienced immigration team will schedule and confirm all appointments that are suitable for you and relatives to attend.

Once you’re ready to begin the process, your DNA immigration test will be managed by our team of experienced consultants who arrange all appointments for you. Once booked in, the collecting of the DNA samples involves a painless brushing of a swab inside of the mouth collecting cells which we then extract DNA from and perform your analysis. Once the samples have been collected, the official paperwork fully completed, all will be sent to our DNA laboratory.

Commence today with DDC by simply calling us to discuss your requirements and we’re arrange and advise all details.

Where are you based in Iraq?

The authorised collection centre is based in Baghdad, where full collection of DNA samples is performed and paperwork completed.

Additional information on our range of certified DNA testing can be accessed by calling our offices or throughout our website.

A new start in the UK

The United Kingdom has had a substantial population of Iraqis dating as far back to the 1940’s. There’s now an estimated 250,000 Iraqis throughout the UK with over half of that figure being based in London. Other key locations for Iraqi communities are Manchester, Cardiff, Birmingham and Glasgow.

Rest assured, DDC has been assisting families with critical DNA testing results for immigration applications and appeals that are high in accuracy, fast and approved since 1995.

Client Assistance

Our client services team will expertly guide you through the procedures needed to complete certified immigration DNA testing in Iraq. We will confirm the test that’s specific to your requirements and schedule all appointments for the collection of DNA samples.

If in the UK, call DDC on 0845 408 2084 or if your calling from outside of the United Kingdom, please dial +44 20 3301 7346. We look forward to hearing from you and handling your DNA testing requirements.