DDC continues to assist a large number of Italian nationals wishing to enter and live in the UK and the USA. Since DDC first opened in 1995, we have successfully provided DNA testing in Italy for families by providing them with accredited DNA testing services for immigration applications and appeals.

Our comprehensive list of immigration DNA testing services with full laboratory accreditations ensures DDC is the chosen laboratory for DNA tests that’s required for immigration purposes.

Is DNA testing in Italy complex?

Since 1995, DDC has developed a nationwide network of doctors and medical centres across Italy, to work alongside DDC by collecting DNA samples for Italian immigration cases. DDC guarantee to only work with certified doctors who meet our strict requirements when performing DNA sample collection on behalf of our clients.

To prevent any delays, our medical centres are fully equipped with all documentation and legal DNA collection kits needed for your test. Our client services team works alongside doctors and medical professionals, ensuring our customers have correct and confirmed information regarding your consultation.

Supporting you or a family member in coming to the UK or US from Italy, DDC would need to undertake a DNA test to confirm that individuals are biologically related. Sample collection is a simple procedure – this will be performed by a doctor who will collect the DNA samples of those being tested with a non-invasive buccal mouth swab. The swab itself is very soft and collects check cells from inside of the mouth – it’s these exact cells that contain your unique DNA. Once we have the DNA samples collected – we can then begin to analyse each DNA sample to determine at high accuracy if they share a biological link to each other.

The analysis of those DNA samples will undergo rigorous testing procedures as required by our ISO17025 certification. Once testing has been concluded, these results can be used as part of your immigration application or to assist you with an appeal you may be involved with.

Starting this process you will be required to contact the DDC offices, we will advise you on the most suitable test needed for your situation. We will then require you to state your preferred city or town which is convenient for you to attend a medical centre for DNA samples to be collected. Our team will schedule an appointment and confirm all aspects.

Customer Service Excellence

The DDC immigration team is there to provide you with immigration support and advice you need when undergoing DNA testing in Italy. We keep in contact with customers with each stage and professionally confirm appointments and how the testing procedure is structured.

For more information on DDC and how we can assist you with immigration matters, call DDC today on 0845 408 2084 or if your calling from Italy or outside the UK dial +44 20 3301 7346. We would be delighted to assist you with your immigration issue and reunite you with loved ones.