DDC is the leading private laboratory for DNA testing in Ivory Coast by offering a wide range of DNA testing services that are all certified and accredited. One of the areas DDC excel in is DNA testing for immigration reasons and we have reunited many families from Ivory Coast with relatives through the USA and United Kingdom.

Understand DNA Testing in Ivory Coast

In 1995, DNA Diagnostics Centre was established and has continually delivered affordable, accessible and accredited DNA testing in Ivory Coast. Our 100% testing record and 16 perfect laboratory inspections ensure all our clients additional peace of mind through the testing process.

The collecting of DNA samples is very straightforward, fast and painless. DDC have long-term relationships with certified panel doctors who bring a wealth of experience in DNA sample collections. These are mainly used for disputes involving families and for immigration purposes in to the USA and UK. Our immigration advisors will confirm all appointments for sample collection and answer any questions you may have.

Many individuals are now opting to take an immigration DNA test to join relatives in either the UK or USA. The main reason to take a DNA test is to prove that individuals are biologically related and provide this evidence to the authorities. The sample collector will follow strict chain of custody procedures relating to the collection of DNA samples and the legal paperwork. Once all have been completed correctly, these shall be securely shipped to the DDC testing laboratory for analysis.

If you require a DNA test for immigration reasons, please contact DDC’s customer service team and we will assist you with any questions you have.

Where’s your collection facility in Ivory Coast?

The DDC collection facility is based in Abidjan and all appointments can be managed and coordinated with one of our immigration team in the UK. Once you have confirmed you require a DNA test, our team of advisors will organise all details and schedule all appointments.

A new start in the UK

Ivoirians have been arriving into the United Kingdom in a steady stream, with estimations that approximately 13,500 have settled in the UK. The vast majority are now based in North and East London and there are smaller communities in Hounslow and Croydon.

DDC has many years of experience of serving Ivorian individuals that wish to join family members and begin a new life in the UK. DDC’s range of DNA testing services are fully accredited and are used for immigration appeals and applications as well as family disputes.

Next Steps

Individuals can contact our helpful immigration team and they will be able to advise on collection procedures and appointments and how the test is structured.

Once instructed, our advisors will be available to assist clients with each step of the process and will be in contact to confirm the completion date of the DNA test.

Do not delay, contact DDC UK on 0845 408 2084. Or if you are calling from The Ivory Coast or anywhere else outside of the United Kingdom, please call +44 20 3301 7346. We look forward to helping you and our team can assist you in French.