DDC has been offering DNA testing in Kuwait since being established in 1995 and serves to assist many families throughout Kuwait attempting to migrate to the UK, Europe or USA. Our fully certified and approved DNA test results are used for immigration applications and are increasingly being used for appeals. Many border authorities have now introduced increased regulations on immigration, individuals are asked to provide proof of biological relationships.

Is DNA testing in Kuwait easy?

DDC have partnerships with authorised medical centres in Kuwait who are very experienced in the collection of DNA samples. All sample collection professionals obtaining DNA samples adhere to a strict chain of custody during the collection of DNA samples and completing the legal paperwork.

DNA samples are collected using a buccal swab – this is pain free, fast and provides the same accuracy as a human tissue or a blood sample. The swab is carefully brushed against the inside of the cheek collecting cheek cells. It’s these cheek cells that contain DNA required for extraction by our laboratory. Once the DNA has been extracted our laboratory team will produce a genetic profile of each individual to confirm if they share the chromosomes.

Can my DNA samples be collected in Kuwait?

As the leading global DNA testing laboratory, DDC has a collection network exceeding 4,500 centres and clinics and DDC serve over 168 countries with our certified DNA testing services. In Kuwait, we have DNA collection facilities in Kuwait City. Call us today we’re will be able to coordinate all appointments on your behalf and provide full pricing and sample collection confirmation.

Migrating from Kuwait

Recent reports estimate that estimated that were 22,000 Kuwaitis are settled in the UK with larger communities found in London, Manchester and Birmingham. Over the years larger numbers of Kuwaitis have also moved throughout the Middle East and further afield to the United States of America.

DDC welcomes Kuwaiti families requiring a DNA test for immigration purposes and is on hand to guide and assist them through each procedure. DDC has to date processed over 1 million+ DNA samples globally and analyses samples twice to ensure 100% testing accuracy.

Excellent Service

Private customers, immigration advisors and law firms constantly rely on DDC for certified DNA testing services and ensuring 100% accurate DNA test results. DDC’s client services team are knowledgeable, considerate, and very experienced regarding immigration cases. DDC has grown to become the leading DNA testing centre in the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

For further confidential help with DNA testing in Kuwait, call DDC today on 0845 408 2084. If you’re calling from outside of the United Kingdom please dial +44 20 3301 7346. We look forward to your call and advising you on your options.