DDC was founded in 1995 and has established itself as the leading private laboratory for DNA testing in Malawi. DDC specialises in DNA testing services for peace of mind and legal purposes with its state of the art laboratory achieving 17 perfect laboratory inspections and holds a number of prestigious accreditations.

DNA testing for immigration reasons is currently a major requirement of many Malawian families who desire to be reunited with loved ones overseas. Our approved DNA immigration testing program has assisted many families to begin a new life in the UK, throughout Europe and the USA from Malawi.

Understand DNA Testing in Malawi

DDC delivers testing excellence on all our DNA testing range ensuring that all services are rapid, inexpensive and certified for our clients peace of mind. In addition to this, DDC has achieved a 100% testing standards across their portfolio of test options.

Those clients involved with DNA testing in Malawi will be required to attend a DNA collection facility to have DNA samples collected using a buccal swab. All ages of persons can have their DNA collected using this method including newborn babies. The collection of DNA is very straightforward and painless, the bristles of the swab are passed against the inside of the cheek and this collects cells. The cells collected contain DNA and are necessary to perform the DNA analysis. Once all samples have been duly collected, ID confirmed and paperwork completed this will be sent to the DDC laboratory to be processed.

Many individuals involved in an immigration appeal or application are now taking an immigration test between family members to provide certified and biological evidence of a family relationship.

If you need further information on our DNA services or further information on the collection of DNA, please contact our client services department.

Is there a DNA collection centre in Malawi?

DDC have over 4,500 collections centres across the globe and we have many facilities throughout the African continent. The collection centre in Malawi is located in Lilongwe and to book appointments please contact our UK offices to arrange and confirm.

For family members currently in the United Kingdom, DDC provide a complimentary DNA sample collection for all immigration participants at our collection facility in West London. Call 0845 408 2084 to schedule your appointment.

Making the move to the UK

Malawians are increasingly choosing to relocate to both the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Estimated numbers of Malawians based in the UK is thought to be around 17,500 people. DDC is on hand to assist all Malawians and their families with their DNA immigration requirements.

How to Proceed

Call or email us your details and we will contact you to discuss your options and advise on sample collection location and procedure. Once the participants are ready to commence our client services team will confirm all sample collection times and locations that’s convenient for all.

Speak to our team in confidence today, by calling 0845 408 2084. If you’re in Malawi or outside of the UK, please dial +44 20 3301 7346.