DDC offers DNA testing in Namibia to assist families throughout the immigration process. Our testing results are used by immigration law companies and private clients who require an immigration DNA test as part of their application or appeal. DDC afford a range of genetic testing services from paternity to a variety of human relationship choices.

Our skilled immigration consultants are devoted to serving our clients all over Namibia, functioning directly with the authorities, immigration professionals, medical centres and doctors. Each essential step is carefully controlled and monitored to ensure all is correct before the analysis commences.

DNA Testing in Namibia Explained

Since DDC was established in 1995, we have been providing individuals with a variety of DNA testing in Namibia to cater to their specific requirements. We regularly complete analysis for those that need a DNA test for legal child disputes, or a paternity test for peace of mind reasons, siblings that want to confirm if they share the same parents and DNA testing for immigration reasons. In many cases, families have to provide official evidence that they are related to individuals prior to migrating.

To proceed with DNA testing in Namibia, our immigration team would coordinate appointments at a collection centre facility in Namibia and at one of our 4,500 collection centres globally. The collecting of DNA from individuals is very straightforward and pain free. Our collectors will use a buccal swab to gently brush against the inside of the cheek collecting the cells which contain DNA. Once all swabs have been collected, our chain of custody paperwork and identification of those being tested is then dispatched to the DDC laboratory.

If you require further information on our testing services, please contact DDC’s expert immigration team to discuss your needs in a private and confidential manner. Once our consultants have confirmed the test required, we will then begin to schedule appointments for those being tested to attend to have their DNA samples collected.

Do you service Namibia?

Throughout Africa, DDC have collection centres in numerous locations. In Namibia we can arrange to have your DNA samples collected in the capital city of Windhoek.

To begin the process, call our immigration team today to coordinate and schedule DNA sample collections for all those being tested.

A new life in the UK

It’s estimated that there’s approximate 10,000 Namibians are now residing in the United Kingdom with many of that figure thought to be based in the Northern suburbs of London and Luton in Bedfordshire.

DDC ensure that our service is unrivalled offering affordable, high accuracy and accessible DNA testing services. For your own peace of mind, our state of the art DNA testing laboratory has a number of accreditations including ISO17025.

Client Commitment

We’re on hand to explain the process needed and will support you fully with our ongoing consultation. Our immigration advisors will assist you with the progress of your test and specify the exact date when the analysis should be concluded.

Calling us from Namibia or outside of the United Kingdom please contact us on +44 20 3301 7346. Our UK phone number is 0845 408 2084, we welcome your enquiry and look forward to assisting you.