DDC has processed well over 1 million genetic tests globally through our range of certified DNA testing services. DDC specialises in court approved DNA testing in Nepal for situations such as child and family disputes and helping families with immigration applications and appeals.

Since being established in 1995, DDC has grown to become the leading laboratory for DNA testing in Nepal amongst solicitors and immigration specialists that require DNA testing services to be approved and accepted in a court of law. For additional peace of mind for all clients – we analyse all DNA samples twice to ensure our results are highly accurate and maintain our 100% DNA testing record.

DNA testing in Nepal Explained

DDC has helped a large number of families who require DNA testing in Nepal for immigration purposes. We have conducted paternity, maternity, grandparentage and sibling tests to confirm to authorities that relatives are biologically related through our approved immigration tests. All sample collectors based in Nepal are authorised to conduct DNA sample collections for immigration tests and they work closely with DDC to ensure the full legal procedure is carried out correctly.

In many cases a DNA immigration test is used to provide biological evidence to the authorities that those being tested are indeed related. Once the analysis of DNA samples have been accurately concluded, results can be used to support immigration applications or assist with immigration appeals. Once a DNA sample collection appointment has been confirmed by our immigration team, individuals participating in the test will attend a medical centre to have their DNA collected using a buccal swab.

We collect x4 swab samples per person and these are brushed against the inside of the mouth picking up cheek cells on the tiny soft bristles. Once fully collected and all legal paperwork has been completed in full then this is dispatched to DDC to perform the testing.

To start your immigration test, contact DDC’s customer service team for full consultation on our range of DNA testing services. We shall advise you on the relevant test required for you and your family to aid your immigration and schedule your appointment in Nepal and at any other location that’s needed.

What is your location in Nepal?

Successfully serving Nepal since 1996 with a high accuracy range of approved immigration testing, our collection facility is located in Kathmandu where we use an approved panel doctor for the collection of genetic material for immigration and legal tests.

Clients that require further information on our DNA immigration services contact our experienced immigration advisors either by phoning us or simply send an email and we will be on hand to assist you.

Relocating from Nepal to the UK

Since the 19th century, Ghurkhas from Nepal have served the British army and links between the two countries remain very strong. Today there’s an estimated 50,000 Nepalese residing in the United Kingdom and can be found mostly in Hampshire, Kent and the suburbs of London. DDC are delighted to help individuals reunite with loved ones from Nepal for their new life in the United Kingdom.

Case Management and Service

Our team of advisors are experts in immigration scenarios involving the need for DNA testing to provide further evidence to the authorities. Since we were first founded in 1995, we have helped and assisted in reuniting Nepalese families to begin their new life in the UK.

Contact our team today by speaking with us on 0845 408 2084 or if your calling from outside the United Kingdom please dial +44 20 3301 7346. We welcome the opportunity to assist you and help you and your family.