Proudly established in 1995, DDC continues to successfully provide accredited and approved DNA testing in Nigeria for individuals who are preparing immigration applications and appeals. DDC regularly assist Nigerians with DNA testing services for both immigration and an increasing number of disputes over paternity.

Whilst many authorities are increasingly turning to DNA testing to protect their borders, this has seen an increase in loved ones taking a DNA test to provide biological confirmation that they’re related.

Understand DNA Testing in Nigeria

DDC have performed over 1 million genetic tests for customers around the world and since 1995, DDC are the preferred laboratory partner for immigration and law firms. Our immigration programme and network has been fully implemented and we work with various doctors and medical professionals throughout Nigeria, who on behalf of DDC will collect DNA samples for us for immigration and legal cases.

If you require a family member to join you in the UK in many cases you could need a DNA test to confirm biologically that you’re both related. A doctor will follow strict guidelines and will take a simple mouth (buccal) sample from each person being tested. The swabs used for collecting DNA samples from inside of the mouth are painless, highly accurate and quick. The doctor will complete all documentation and will send the paperwork and DNA samples to the DDC laboratory to be analysed.

If you need DNA testing in Nigeria, you must first call our offices and discuss the test you need and identify a location for you to have DNA samples collected. Our helpful and experienced immigration team will advise you accordingly and schedule an appointment for you. Once all documentation is completed and all swabs are collected and sealed, these will be sent securely to DDC to be tested.

Where can I have my DNA collected in Nigeria?

Scheduling an appointment for DNA testing in Nigeria will be managed by one of our immigration team members. Simply advise on your preferred town or city and will confirm the doctors name, the collection centres address and the doctor will contact you to arrange a convenient appointment.

As our network in already set up and established, simply contact us with your details and where you would like to attend a medical centre and we will do the rest. We have many collection centres around Nigeria, such as Abuja and Lagos. If you prefer another location, please contact our immigration team and they will advise on other locations.

A new beginning in the UK

National statistics indicate that over 150,000 Nigerians have now made the UK their new home with the vast majority of Nigerians being based in South-East London, followed by the East of England and the North West. Peckham in London has the largest Nigerian community in the UK with many Nigerian establishments set up to serve the local community.

DDC has knowledge and experience in helping individuals from Nigeria that would like to be with family members to begin a new life in the UK or USA. DDC offers a portfolio of certified DNA testing services that can assist all individuals with their DNA immigration applications and appeals.

Next Steps

DDC’s collection centres are located throughout Nigeria with all sample collectors being fully qualified. Our staff will organise your appointment and explain the process ensuring you’re fully aware of each important stage. Our team will keep you briefed on all aspects and we will set a date to confirm when you will receive your completed test results.

Call DDC on 0845 408 2084. If you are calling from outside the UK please dial +44 20 3301 7346 and we will advise on your immigration case.