DDC launched DNA testing in South Africa to provide immigration services in 1995. DDC have successfully served large numbers of South African families with DNA testing results that have been used as part of their immigration appeal or their applications.

DDC provide a vast portfolio of DNA testing services that are regularly used for immigration situations and are fully accredited and approved.

Understand DNA Testing in South Africa

Since our establishment in 1995, we have developed a network of medical centres to provide exemplary DNA testing in South Africa. The doctors who collect DNA samples for immigration and child dispute cases on our behalf are certified and approved for collecting DNA samples.

Our client services team coordinates and confirms all appointments throughout South Africa with doctors at a time and date that’s suitable for you to attend. We are situated in many of the larger cities across South Africa, but if you would prefer to use your own doctor to collect the DNA samples, we would require their details to send them the relevant paperwork and legal testing kit.

Individuals in many immigration cases are increasingly taking a DNA test for immigration issues to provide certified and biological evidence of a family relationship. Collecting painless mouth buccal swabs is a non-invasive procedure and guarantees high accuracy. The procedure is very simple, by inserting the swab inside the individual’s mouth and brushing this against the sides of the cheek – the swab will pick up cheek cells. It is these cheek cells that the scientists will extract DNA from and perform your DNA test.

To commence with DNA testing in South Africa, simply call the DDC immigration team and we will advise you on what specifics are required for your situation. The test required will be discussed and you will be guided through the steps needed in order to complete your test. We work with a vast number of approved doctors and medical centres across South Africa and we’d be delighted to schedule your appointment at a location near you.

Where can I have DNA samples collected?

DDC has a vast network across South Africa with certified doctors and medical centres working in close collaboration. Some of the major cities throughout South Africa where we have collection facilities are Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Germiston, Pretoria, and Port Elizabeth. We advise all clients to contact the DDC offices and discuss their case and their specific requirements and goals. Our immigration team will advise clients on the options available and how your requirements can be met.

In addition to those cities listed above, DDC can organise other locations that maybe more local to you. If you’re living in another location, contact our immigration team and we’re inform you of your options.

South Africans living in the UK

Many South Africans hold a UK passport and its estimated that there’s up to 1 million South Africans living in the UK with the largest communities to be found in south-west London. Many doctors and nurses have migrated to take positions within the National Health Service.

We have helped a large number of South African families over the years with high accuracy and affordable DNA testing services for immigration purposes. Those that require DNA evidence to supplement their immigration application or form part of their appeal are encouraged to call our client services team for further advice. DDC offer a comprehensive portfolio of DNA testing services that are both approved and accredited.

Superior Client Service

The DDC immigration team are there to provide you with support and specific advice you need. We keep in contact with clients with each stage, confirm all appointments and update you on how the testing procedure is structured.

For additional information on DDC and how we can support you with immigration matters, call our immigration team today on 0845 408 2084. Callers from South Africa or outside of the UK dial +44 20 3301 7346. We look forward to helping you and your relatives.