DDC is world’s largest private laboratory for DNA testing in Sri Lanka and has processed over 1 million DNA tests worldwide. DDC specialises in assisting families through our accredited global immigration DNA testing services. DDC have a number of prestigious laboratory certificates for DNA and forensic analysis and achieved 18 perfect laboratory inspections. Clients are guaranteed high accuracy with our dual processing system that ensures all DNA samples are analysed twice and our immigration team will guide you through the process at every step of the way.

What is involved with DNA testing in Sri Lanka?

Since being established in 1995, DDC has assisted many clients who require DNA testing in Sri Lanka for immigration reasons. We used panel doctors who are certified and approved to collect DNA samples in Sri Lanka, with our legal swab collection kits and official documentation onsite ready to be used without delay.

For many situations involving a DNA test for immigration purposes is to satisfy the relevant authorities that individuals are biologically related. Once confirmed results will be issued and can be used to aid immigration applications and appeals. Those participating in the test itself will attend a medical centre to have their DNA collected using a swab. The swab is brushed against the inside of the cheek and the fine bristles collect cells that contain DNA. The collection procedure is simple to take, is non invasive, provides high accuracy and is completely painless. Once collected and the paperwork and identification validated, all aspects are sent to DDC laboratories.

To commence with your immigration test, call DDC’s immigration team to discuss and receive consultation on the test specific to your needs. Our helpful team will coordinate all DNA collection appointments for you to attend the medical centre in Sri Lanka and fully explain the full process.

Where in Sri Lanka are you based?

DDC have been serving Asia since 1996 with a high accuracy DNA testing services, in Sri Lanka we have a DNA collection facility in the capital Colombo.

For additional information on our testing services for immigration issues, please contact our knowledgeable immigration team either by calling our offices or sending us an email and we will be delighted to help you.

Sri Lankans in the UK

High migration has been due to historic links between the countries and civil conflict that saw large number of Sri Lankans entering the UK. Ethnically Sri Lankans may consist of Sri Lankan Tamils, Sinhalese, Burghers, and Sri Lankan Moors. It’s estimated that 500,000 Sri Lankans are now residing in the United Kingdom with the majority living in London and smaller population groups in east and west Midlands.

DDC strive to assist all families from Sri Lanka that wish to be reunited through our DNA testing services that are accredited and approved for immigration purposes.

Case Management and Service

Our immigration advisers will assist you with each procedure needed to complete your DNA immigration test. Since being established in 1995, we have successfully completed high accuracy DNA testing services for many Sri Lankan families.

Speak with DDC today by calling us on 0845 408 2084 or if your calling from outside the United Kingdom please dial +44 20 3301 7346. We look forward to hearing from you.