Proudly established in 1995, DDC continues to successfully provide accredited and approved DNA testing in Uganda for individuals who are preparing immigration applications and appeals. DDC regularly assists Ugandans with DNA testing services for both immigration and an increasing number of disputes over paternity.

Whilst many authorities are increasingly turning to DNA testing to protect their borders, this has seen an increase in loved ones taking a DNA test to provide biological confirmation that they’re related.

Understand DNA Testing in Uganda

Since 1995, DDC is the leading laboratory for DNA testing in Uganda to help families who are considering entry to both the USA and UK. DDC have aided many Ugandan families who require a DNA test as part of their immigration application. DNA immigration testing is regularly being requested to individuals who call for official clarification that they are related.

If you or a relative are in need of a DNA test, our immigration team dedicated to Uganda will advise on the specific test you require. The team will organise and schedule an appointment at the medical centre DDC work with in Uganda. All legal documentation and relevant swab kits are already at the medical centre with our nominated doctor who’s experienced with DNA sample collections for immigration tests.

Having DNA samples collected by the doctor is a very simple and fast procedure. A swab is used against the inside of the mouth collecting cheek cells which contain DNA. Once the swabs have been collected for all parties involved with the test, legal documentation including the validation of each individual’s identity will be completed before being sent to the laboratory.

For additional information on our tests and procedures, please contact our team and we will inform you on the test that will suit your particular requirement and can schedule an appointment for you.

Where are you in Uganda?

DDC has a tremendous presence throughout Africa, in Uganda the collection will be at a medical centre in Kampala.

Call our immigration team today for more information about DNA testing in Uganda and we can book and arrange your appointment at the collection facility.

Migration from Uganda to the UK

The UK is welcoming an increasing number of Ugandans to the UK with their families. Estimates of 150,000 Ugandans are now thought to be here with the vast majority of those living throughout London and Leicester.

DDC deliver the fastest, highest accuracy and efficient immigration DNA testing services to all Ugandans aiding in their immigration applications and appeals.

100% Accuracy and Support

As the leading laboratory for DNA testing in Uganda, DDC’s skilled staff will be glad to assist you with any specific questions you may have. We provide full case consultation, arrange all DNA sample collection appointments and assist you through each stage.

Calling from Uganda, please call +44 20 3301 7346. Our London office contact details are 0845 408 2084. We welcome your enquiry and look forward to reuniting you with loved ones.