DDC is the largest private laboratory and has full accreditations for DNA testing in United Arab Emirates for both legal & immigration purposes. Since 1995, DDC is the preferred laboratory in assisting persons to successfully gain immigration in to the United Kingdom or USA from United Arab Emirates.

Is DNA testing in United Arab Emirates easy to do?

DDC have successfully performed over 1 million genetic tests that have included many clients that are in need of verification of family relations for immigration purposes. The process is very simple. We require DNA samples collected by swab. Once we have received these we will process the samples and confirm if there is a biological link between the individuals. Your DNA samples will be collected by a medical professional using a swab which collects cheek cells from the inside of the mouth. This procedure is quick to undertake, pain free and even newborn children can have a swab safely taken.

DDC is committed to providing highly accurate DNA testing in United Arab Emirates. Our network of medical centres and doctors bring a wealth of experience with sample collection techniques and we work very closely with them to ensure your test is completed professionally and efficiently.

DDC have an abundance of collection centres and facilities across U.A.E. that work alongside DDC in providing a DNA sample collection services for those that require this service. Our comprehensive list below shows the major cities where we have a presence, however if you prefer to have your DNA samples collected in another location, we have many other facilities that you can attend. All doctors that work alongside DDC are fully certified and have vast experience working with DDC and completing DNA sample collections. Simply contact DDC with your exact requirements and we can arrange this for you.

Client Services

DDC brings a vast wealth of experience and knowledge to immigration DNA testing in United Arab Emirates. Our immigration team will support, advise and fully support our clients with superior case management. We guarantee to work with you every step of the way and look forward to welcoming you to the UK or US.

Call DDC today for advice on your situation. Call 0845 408 2084, or if outside the UK, please dial +44 20 3301 7346.