DDC offers a variety of services for DNA testing in Zambia for both personal reasons and results needed for legal purposes such as family disputes and immigration issues. All our testing services are fully certified and performed in the DDC laboratory with experienced and knowledgeable scientists.

The DDC team brings a wealth of experience in managing DNA immigration tests for Zambian relatives in relation to immigration appeals or applications. DDC ensure highly accurate testing results and all DNA samples are analysed twice with our dual processing system – ensuring our 100% testing record.

Understand DNA Testing in Zambia

DDC was founded in 1995 and has grown to be the leading private laboratory for DNA testing in Zambia and provides fast, accurate and affordable services. One of DDC’s areas of expertise is assisting family members to be reunited for new lives in the United Kingdom and USA. Our immigration testing results are routinely used to supplement their application or appeal for immigration entry.

If you or a loved one requires a DNA test for immigration reasons, our skilled team will advise on the most suitable test required for your situation and explain what steps are needed to be taken. Our team will coordinate all appointments at the medical centre in Zambia that DDC works alongside.

The collection of DNA samples is very easy and simple to gather. A DNA swab is used to collect cheek cells from the inside of the mouth – these are collected using the soft material of the swab to collect cheek cells that contain DNA. On completion of the DNA sampling, the doctor will complete all legal paperwork needed and confirm identify of those involved in the testing procedure before safely forwarding this to the DDC laboratory for examination.

High Accuracy and Client Support

Our team are on hand to help you with any information you require or to answer any questions you may have. As a standard, we provide full case discussion and handle all DNA collection appointments and keep you up-to-date on all developments.

If you are calling for DNA testing in Zambia, please dial +44 20 3301 7346. Our London office contact details are 0845 408 2084 if calling from within the UK. We look forward to working with you.