Since 1995, DNA Diagnostics Centre (DDC) has been helping families prove relationships by providing accurate and convenient DNA testing in Zimbabwe. We have a team of experienced staff that are skilled and knowledgeable regarding immigration from Zimbabwe to both the UK and USA. We work with approved doctors, embassies, and immigration law companies.

Our designated immigration team is committed to reuniting families with DNA testing in Zimbabwe that’s fully accredited and approved. Each part of the testing process is strictly controlled and follows strict protocols with regards to the validation of identification, the collecting of DNA samples and ensuring the legal paperwork is correct prior to testing.

What is the process for DNA testing in Zimbabwe?

DDC is the consumer’s choice for immigration DNA testing in Zimbabwe. Over the years we have provided support and assistance to many Zimbabweans wishing to be reunited with loved ones so that they can enjoy their new life together.

In aiding immigration applications and appeals, families from Zimbabwe are undertaking a DNA immigration test to provide biological proof that individuals are related. This type of scenario is becoming a frequent request by the authorities and enables client’s additional documentation to supplement their existing paperwork.

To start a DNA immigration test, our immigration team would coordinate appointments for the individuals to attend a medical centre in their specified location. During the appointment, the client’s identification will be validated, DNA swabs would be taken and the legal paperwork completed. Having ones DNA sample collected is fast, accurate and pain free. A DNA swab which is very similar to a cotton bud. Te swab is brushed against the inside of the cheek. The material on the swab collects cells from the inside of the cheek and it’s from those cheek cells that DNA is extracted and analysed.

If you would like to have additional information, call DDC’s offices and discuss the test that you require and we can advise on your personal situation. Our team will schedule an appointment at a medical centre and confirm all the details to you to begin your test.

Where’s your collection centre in Zimbabwe?

DDC have a large reach across Africa, in Zimbabwe in particular we have collection facilities in Bulawayo and Harare. We can schedule appointments in either that’s convenient to you.

To book your appointment today, call our immigration team and they will be able to arrange suitable appointment times and answer any questions you may have.

Arriving in the UK

With increasing numbers of Zimbabweans arriving in the United Kingdom to begin a new chapter in their lives, figures are on the increase. The Estimated number of Zimbabweans now settled in the UK is approximately 115,000. Zimbabwe communities can now be found in London, Leeds, Luton, Birmingham, Manchester and throughout the West Midlands.

DNA Diagnostics Centre offers a convenient, affordable and rapid DNA testing service for immigration purposes. Our portfolio of DNA testing services are certified and accepted for legal situations.

Total Dedication and Support

Our skilled and knowledgeable immigration team will guide you through the procedure of taking a DNA test and will continue to assist you with any additional help you may require.

If your calling from Zimbabwe or outside of the United Kingdom, please call DDC on +44 20 3301 7346.

If you are calling us from within the United Kingdom, our contact number is 0845 408 2084. We welcome your enquiry and look forward to helping you and your relatives.