Can you use a sibling DNA test for immigration? Yes, you can. If the sponsor is a sibling, the authorities will most likely want DNA evidence in conjunction with any other documented evidence. Both full sibling and half-sibling reports are now commonly used as proof of relationships between brothers and sisters.

How Probability of Relationship Works with a Sibling DNA Test

Unlike paternity testing that provides either 99% or higher or 0% probability of relationship as the only two results, sibling testing is based on a percentage of probability that can fall anywhere between 0% and 99%.

If your result is in excess of 90% this would be considered proof that the sibling relationship exists. Anything under 9% suggests that it does not. A result in between these two figures is considered inconclusive. Labs like DDC can test many more markers than the industry standard, and so fortunately, inconclusive results are unusual. Where lab staff believe that the addition of another relative’s DNA may be beneficial, we will contact the family and offer to include them at no extra cost.

Sibling DNA Tests for Immigration Purposes

Most individuals going through an application or appeals process will have engaged a solicitor specialising in immigration, so it is always a good idea to clarify with them the need and nature of any DNA tests that you plan on having.

There are some important points to consider when having a sibling test:

  • Make sure that the lab that you use is accredited by The Ministry of Justice
  • You or your solicitor can request the testing from a MOJ lab if the test is not for a passport application
  • If you need a sibling test for a passport application, HMPO will advise you which lab you need to use and when you need to attend for your sample collection. DDC is one of the labs contracted to do these types of tests
  • Wherever possible, include the mother of the siblings. If the siblings have different mothers, include both if you can. The test cost is basically the same—there may be an additional but small sample collection fee—but having a mother can significantly improve the probability percentage in positive tests
  • When choosing a lab, ensure that they test at least 20 markers and ask if they can test additional panels of markers if necessary

Why You Should Choose DDC for your Sibling DNA Test

  • The Ministry of Justice accredited DDC in 2008 and our reports are recognised by the immigration authorities
  • DDC is the most accredited private DNA testing lab in the world including ISO 17025
  • We test a minimum of 24 genetic markers for all our relationship tests and we will test more where necessary at no extra cost
  • We test to reach the most definitive conclusion possible because we understand the importance of bringing families together
  • We have a global network of collectors so even if you loved ones are abroad, we can arrange to have their samples collected by trained, reliable medical staff
  • DDC has global experience of working with HMPO, Visa Centres and embassies

If you need any advice about the testing process or which test is most suitable for you, please phone one of our highly-experienced customer-service staff on 020 3301 7346.