SpermCheck Fertility Test

The fast and easy way to check sperm count at home.

Why SpermCheck Fertility Test for men?

SpermCheck Fertility is a first step in male fertility testing that can help inform a man whether or not more comprehensive clinical fertility investigation is needed—and the test is performed in the privacy of your home!

Sperm count changes over time due to lifestyle, stress levels—and even the weather. Use SpermCheck Fertility every 90 days while trying to conceive to stay informed on your fertility status. It’s fast, accurate, and convenient.

Male infertility causes up to 50% of the problems with getting pregnant. Don’t guess about sperm count—get accurate information with this easy fertility test for men.

Checking sperm count at home has never been simpler.

Results in Minutes

Convenient and Private

Proven Accurate

Our fertility test helps ensure sperm count is optimal for conception.

The home SpermCheck Fertility test indicates whether a man has normal or low sperm count levels. It works like a home pregnancy test, easy-to-read results are ready in minutes, and best of all—it is private; no embarrassing doctor’s visit. SEE FULL INSTRUCTIONS


More about this Test

Q: How does SpermCheck Fertility work?

A: SpermCheck Fertility is easy to use, providing fast, easy-to-read results. Similar to a pregnancy test, the SCF uses colored lines to inform you if there is normal or low sperm count. Done in the privacy of your own home, a semen sample is placed in the solution bottle provided and the two are mixed. Six drops of the mixture is then placed in the testing device, which measures the sperm count in the sample. All the contents needed for testing are in the package. The patented process of sperm detection is made possible by a protein, found exclusively in the head of mature sperm.

In just minutes after adding semen to the cassette device, the results indicate a normal (positive result) or below normal (negative result) sperm count.

Q: Why should I use SpermCheck Fertility?

A: SpermCheck Fertility can help take some of the guessing out of the conception process. Whether you are planning a pregnancy in the near future or have had trouble getting pregnant, this unique and inexpensive sperm-count product can help couples save time, money and frustration. Starting the process with a male fertility test can eliminate unnecessary and expensive testing of the female. According to fertility studies, 50% of infertility issues are related to the male.

Q: How often should a man perform this test?

A: Sperm count varies over time due to many factors, including even the weather! When a man is trying to help his partner conceive, he should do a SpermCheck Fertility test every 2-3 months or as recommended by his doctor.

Q: When should I see a doctor about male infertility?

A: If you have a negative result on the SpermCheck Fertility test, either once or on a subsequent test, speak to your GP. Additionally, experts base their advice for when to seek treatment on the woman’s age and how long you have been having unprotected sex:

Age 35 or younger: see your doctor (gynecologist, general practitioner, urologist) if you haven’t conceived after 10 to 12 months. A year can seem like a long time, but most younger couples will conceive within a year of trying if there are no other issues.

Age 35 or older (or have a history of fertility problems), see your doctor after six months of trying.
You may still be able to get pregnant, but it may take longer, so don’t delay getting help.

Q: I just had a vasectomy. Can I use SpermCheck Fertility to check if my vasectomy worked?

A: No. This product is only for men who are trying to help their partners conceive and cannot be used for post-vasectomy testing. You can learn about SpermCheck Vasectomy here.

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