UK Immigration DNA Test
for Visa Applicants

When you need a DNA test for a UK visa application, the experts at DDC are ready to assist.

Where Can I Get a DNA Test for my UK Visa Application?

DDC is accredited by the Ministry of Justice for UK immigration testing. The UK Border Agency, Passport Office, and embassies require that immigration DNA tests be performed by laboratories certified by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), and DDC is included on the list of recommended Ministry of Justice (MOJ) laboratories. The DDC laboratory is ISO-certified for laboratory excellence according to the ISO/IEC 17025 standards.
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NOTE: This page provides information for NON-passport applications only. Click here if you are applying for a passport.

We Provide Immigration DNA Results for:

  • Visa Applications
  • Proof of Relationship using Paternity, Maternity, Sibling, and More

Getting Started

Start by ringing us at 0800 009 2969 for a free confidential consultation. Your case specialist listens to your unique situation, explains the process, and then works hard to make the DNA-testing portion of the immigration journey as simple as possible.

Overview of DDC Immigration DNA-Testing Process for NON-Passport Applications

1. An immigration solicitor or private client provides an instruction to DNA Diagnostics Centre via the online form on this page, email, fax, letter or phone call. The instruction should state the type of relationship to be proven: full names, dates of birth, contact information of all parties involved in the test, and any relevant hearing-date information. Contact details for the general practitioner (GP) should also be given unless the clients wish to use one of DNA Diagnostics Centre’s collection sites or our mobile collection service

2. When we have all this information, one of our specialist immigration-test advisors provides you with a clear breakdown of all costs involved in your testing

3. The DDC immigration team dispatches kits to the clients’ GPs or to our own collection sites. For family members who are overseas, we have a global network of experienced sample collectors to assist with DNA sample collections

Results are completely confidential, and your private genetic information is never shared with or sold to outside parties. See our privacy policy here.

4. Family members provide a DNA sample consisting of a simple, painless mouth swab. Each person must present a passport-sized photo to the sample collector and, if they are over 16 years of age, also a government- issued photo-ID document such as passport, biometric residence permit, identity card, PASS card, NEC card, or photo driving licence. A photo ID document or birth certificate is eligible identification for those under 16

5. Once the samples are sent to our laboratory, we perform the necessary testing

6. When testing is complete, we send your solicitor or you the DNA test results and any required supporting documentation. DDC is the preferred HMPO tester for passport cases, so you can be confident that your results will be accepted as part of your application.

Upon receiving all the needed samples, the immigration DNA test is completed within 4-11 working days, depending on the type of test performed.

Why Trust DDC for UK Immigration Testing?

We are undisputed experts in protocol for UK immigration DNA testing. Having served thousands of families, DDC is one of the most trusted immigration testing laboratories in the world, and our team is ready to help you too. Since 1995, DDC has maintained one of the largest network of certified DNA-collection facilities in the UK and around the globe.

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