Home Paternity Testing

Get accurate paternity results at home for personal knowledge and peace of mind.

Is a home DNA test kit right for me?

This easy home paternity test requires DNA samples to be collected by you at home without needing legal ID verifcation. Simply follow the clear instructions in the kit to collect samples from the parties involved. Then you will return your DNA samples to our lab in the pre-paid envelope. You will receive your results in as little as 3-4 business days after the samples have arrived at the lab. Contact our experts today for a free consultation.


The DDC Promise

Results in 3-4 Business Days

Once all samples arrive at the lab.

PhD-Reviewed Results

Our in-house team ensures accuracy.

Team Support

We keep you informed every step of the way.

We are your at-home paternity test experts.

DDC performs thousands of home paternity tests a year, and you can be sure your results are accurate for the samples we are provided to test. Testing is fast, private, and reliable.

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Home Paternity Testing: How It Works

Order Online or Call Us: To get your at-home paternity test kit, order online now. Not sure if you need a home test or a legal paternity test? Call our experts for a no-obligation consultation on 0800 009 2969.

Collect DNA: It is  easy to collect a DNA sample with a simple cheek swab.  Send the cheek swabs back to DDC and we begin testing at once.

Your Test is Processed: Our laboratory technicians carefully handle and prepare your DNA samples for processing. Every paternity test with cheek-swab samples is run two separate times by independent teams. The results are then reviewed by our in-house team of PhDs and your report is prepared.

Receive Results Online:  Once testing is complete, we email the decision-maker in the case—just log in to our secure website to view results.

Results are completely confidential, and your private genetic information is never shared with or sold to outside parties. NOTE: Peace-of-mind paternity-test results are not for legal use.
See our privacy policy here.

You can trust us to provide accurate results—fast.

More about this Test

Q: Can I use results from a home paternity test for legal reasons?
A: Results from a home paternity test cannot be used as proof of paternity for legal reasons such as child support, custody, etc. This is because DNA is collected by test participants, chain-of-custody protocol is not followed, and identities of tested parties have not been independently verified. Be assured your results from a home paternity test will still be accurate for the samples provided to us: they are just for peace of mind and personal knowledge only. If you need results for court or think you may in the future, ring us directly on .
Q: Are results for a home paternity test just as accurate as for a legal one?

A: Yes; results for a home paternity test are just as accurate as they are for a legal test. In fact, once samples arrive at the lab, the process for testing is exactly the same for a home test as it is for a legal one. You can be certain your results for a home paternity test are accurate for the samples we are provided.


Q: What if the cheek swabs seem too wet to put in the paper sample envelopes?

A: Cheek-swab samples are not the same as saliva samples, so we recommend that customers swab for a full 30 seconds per swab while taking care to avoid the saliva-rich gum areas. If samples seem “too wet” once swabbing is complete, just wave the swab in the air for 1-2 minutes before placing it in the paper sample envelope.

Q: Do names appear on the home paternity test report?

A: DDC does not put names on the home paternity test report, since identities of the test participants have not been independently confirmed. Names of participants are requested on sample envelopes for internal-tracking and communication purposes only. If you want a report with names, you may want to choose a legal paternity test instead. Sorry—we cannot add names to a home paternity test upon request.

Q: Do you accept unusual samples for home paternity testing?
A: Cheek-swab samples are the industry standard for this type of test. Cheek swabs make DNA extraction by our lab’s robots easy, which is one way to keep costs lower for our customers. If you want to submit an “unusual” sample such as toothbrush, ear wax on swabs, or fingernail clippings, you must ring us directly on  to discuss your request with one of our experts. Keep in mind there is a non-refundable fee required to test a sample’s viability prior to testing.