It seems a natural part of the human condition to be preoccupied with our ancestors and our history. We all want to know where we came from and how we got to where we are now. DNA testing for ancestry makes it possible to go further back in our family histories than we ever thought possible.

There are some dedicated souls who are willing to spend years looking through parish records or documents on microfiche and then painstakingly putting together a very detailed family tree. The rest of us rely on the odd anecdote from Aunty Mabel telling us there was a rumour that great-grandma Louise was in fact one- quarter Cherokee. Every family has a story like this! But in this age of technology and availability of at-home testing, is this approach to finding out who we are enough anymore?

DNA Testing for Ancestry: So What’s All the Fuss About?

DNA testing for ancestry has raised the prospect of finding out about our ancestral origins even from pre-record-taking times, without having to rely on tedious research or Aunty Mabel. It instead uses science to help us find out about our ancient ancestors and their origins. It can tell us if we have a geographical admixture not apparent in any other way.

DNA testing for ancestry has also thrown a massive spanner in the works. Our family trees do not necessarily reflect our genetic history. Some historians treat record keeping like the Holy Grail, but others cannot ignore the fact that infidelity and poor record-keeping might mean that we are not necessarily who we’ve always been told we are. These discrepancies may raise questions that cannot be answered without the assistance of origins, lineage, and ancestry tests. Good labs like DDC, that offer a wide range of tests, really can solve these puzzles for you.

Who Ancestry Testing Can Help

We may take for granted the knowledge we have of our families even if this is limited to our parents and grandparents. But for individuals who have been adopted at a young age, the lack of information they have in relation to their origins can be very perplexing and discouraging. This is highlighted by people who were not raised by their biological parents and who are of mixed race and unable to identify where in the world their ancestors may have originated. DNA testing for ancestry can answer these questions and more. Even if you have a genealogist in your family who’s done extensive research (and most families have at least one!), DNA testing can help fill in the gaps. Of course, it can also mean you can finally confirm or discount Aunty Mabel’s assertions!

Whereas these tests can just be fun for some, for others they provide a base on which to build their very identities. Whatever your motivation for trying DNA testing for ancestry, DDC is ready to help.

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