Overview of Proving a Relationship for UK Passports 

There are many reasons people seek to obtain UK passports. In the majority of cases, the immigration authorities will ask for proof of the existence of the family relationship on which the passport application is based. 

When proving a relationship to the Home Office, in addition to documentary evidence, there is usually a requirement to include DNAtest reportDNA Diagnostics Centre (DDC) has been providing free consultations and DNA testing for passport and visa applications for over 12 years. DDC has experts who understand the requirements, and with a phone call, can help you with your application needs. 

Choosing a Laboratory for UK Passport Applications 

There are a few types of DNA testing for the Home Office, and it’s important to know the differences from the very start. One example is family reunion. Often, this includes a request for testing. This requires that a Ministry of Justiceaccredited testing laboratory carry out the test. There are only thirteen of these labs in the UK, and DDC is indeed accredited. 

The requirements are strict to prove a relationship to support a passport application. The testing laboratory needs to have ISO/IEC17025 accreditation and follow the Home Office “collection process.” Many laboratories may claim to meet these two standards, but it is hard to know for sure. Rest assured DDC meets both requirements, as proven by their MOJ accreditation. 

Process for Passport Applicants in the UK 

The passport office may request that you undergo DNA testing to support the application, to prove the biological relationship on which you are basing the right to obtain a passport. If they do, they will supply you (or your solicitor) with a reference number. It is once you have this reference number that you can arrange the DNA test. 

Call DDC to Get Started 

It can be overwhelming to set up a DNA test for the first time when so much is riding on the results. Now, add the COVID-19 virus, and it becomes even more of a challenge. This is when it is even more critical to have a strong laboratory in your favour: one that is well known to the Home Office and one that has provided hundreds of DNA tests for visa applicants. Your first step is to call us. A DNA expert at DDC will discuss what to expect going forward, and then provide a clear breakdown of the costs associated with the test. They can always be contacted to clarify each step. 

DNA Collection Requirements for UK Passport Applications 

Next, the collection of DNA from each party is arranged, either through your own GP or through a collection site in the DDC network. For family members in the EU and overseas, there is a DDC global network of sample collectors ready to assist. 

 At the appointment, the family members over 16 must present a governmentissued photo ID—such as a photo driving license, NEC card, identity card, PASS card, biometric residence permit, or a passport. For those under 16, a photo ID or birth certificate is eligible identification. In addition to ID, each person who is tested must provide a passport-size photo to the DNA sample collector. 

DNA Collection Process and Sample Submission 

After the identification of each person is complete, a DNA sample is collected with a painless mouth swab. Cheek cells are perfect for this type of DNA collection, as they don’t require the same preservation requirements as blood. The swabs can dry in the paper envelope, and then are preserved through the drying process. The envelopes are then posted from your GP or from our collection partner directly to our laboratory for testing. Upon receiving all the necessary samples for the test, the UK passport DNA test will be completed in 3-7 days depending on the type of test performed. Ask our experts about this step if you have questions. 

DNA-Testing Results 

After we complete the testing we send the results to you and directly to the Passport Office on request. All supporting documentation is included. Results are confidential, as is your genetic information, and it is never shared with or sold to outside organisations. It is then up to the Passport Office to proceed with each application. The Home Office has guidance directly for visa applicants regarding how COVID-19 is affecting processing here. 

DDC has Extensive Experience with Passport Cases for the Home Office 

 We’ve helped thousands of families with DNA testing for the Home Office and other organisations since 1995. DDC is one of the most trusted DNA laboratories in the world, processing millions of samples. We’re ready to help with your passport DNA testing needs. 


If you need additional information about a DNA paternity test or want to order, contact our experienced customer-service team on 020 3301 7346.