How Fast are Paternity Test Results from DDC?

At DDC, our standard paternity test—which includes an alleged father, a child, and the mother (if she chooses to participate)—takes 3 to 4 business days.  Any accredited and experienced lab should be able to produce results for you within this time-frame. DDC has one the most advanced and experienced DNA testing laboratories in the world. This means we can produce the highest-quality tests with a fast turnaround time. Many companies advertising testing actually outsource their tests to third-party labs, so they cannot control the quality test of the test you are getting. For example, they might ship your samples to labs in Mexico or other countries where testing requirements are not so stringent. You also cannot be sure they have a stringent privacy policy in place to safeguard your data.

At DDC we understand that our tests can have a huge impact on a family and the stress that comes with the wait for a result, so we always produce accurate results and endeavour to do so as quickly as possible. This applies to all tests—whether you are doing a home DNA test or whether you need a court approved/legal DNA test.  When your test is for legal purposes, then it is a good idea to let the lab know if you have a court date or an immigration hearing or appeal date. DDC respects your deadlines and we will actively work to get your test finished on time.

For non-legal tests, the results are available securely online as soon as they are completed. Reports for legal tests are also posted to you upon completion so that you have a hard copy of your results if you need them.

Legal tests require labs to make the arrangements for DNA samples to be collected by a neutral-party collector. This is most likely a GP, and so you need to allow time for this process. DDC has a network of collectors across the UK and also globally for immigration DNA tests. We also have a walk-in clinic in London if the need for a legal test is very urgent.

Prenatal tests and relationship tests other than paternity tests are a little more complex, and these may take a little longer. Be sure to call our very experienced customer service team so they can advise on test times and confirm if we can offer an express service for a small additional fee.

Tips to Ensure you Obtain the Fastest Result Possible

  1. Always use an accredited lab. If you call DDC, we can despatch a kit the same day without having to rely on third parties
  2. For legal tests, only use a lab that has its own network of experienced collectors. This way they can get kits sent out and the collectors will know what is required to take a good sample and complete the appropriate paperwork; this greatly reduces the risk of having to have samples recollected
  3. If you have a court date or an immigration hearing or appeal date, let the customer-service team know so that they can do their best to have your results in good time
  4. Ask if there are options to expedite your test and what the costs might be

Why Choose DDC for your Paternity Testing

While getting results back promptly is very important, getting an accurate result is even more so. DDC is the most experienced and accredited DNA paternity and relationship testing lab in the world. In the UK, the UK border Agency, the UK Passport Office and the courts all trust results from DDC.

If you need advice about the testing process or which test is most suitable for you, please phone one of our highly-experienced customer-service staff on 020 3301 7346.