How Long Does it Take to Get DNA Paternity Test Results?

A standard paternity test is usually comprised of samples from an alleged father, mother, and child. An efficient laboratory with appropriate accreditations should be able to provide a report within three (3) to four (4) business days.

While the highest-quality labs can provide a report within this time frame, some labs can take 3-12 weeks to process the same type of samples. This can be incredibly stressful when you are waiting for a report that could potentially change your life. Keeping the process fast without compromising the quality of the test is something that DDC prides itself on. We are able to produce personal and legal tests within the 4-day time frame, and often more quickly. We process thousands of samples a month and maintain very efficient processes to ensure accuracy. This includes having independent teams run every postnatal paternity test twice and having each report reviewed by our in-house PhDs.

Are There Exceptions that may Result in Longer DNA Paternity Testing Times?

Yes. There are certain test processes that may take longer due to third-party involvement. For example, if we are providing a test report on your behalf directly to the immigration authorities, then you may receive confirmation of the results from the passport office a couple of days after we have released it.

Why is DDC Faster than Other Labs?

Some labs cannot provide a personal or non-legal report in fewer than six weeks;  this is usually because they are not processing enough cases to do so quickly and efficiently or they are using non-scientific staff, often students, to process the tests. This means you can wait weeks for a result with no certainty that the test has been done properly.

Speed + Accuracy = Answers You can Trust

While a fast testing time is very important to families wanting to clarify the paternity of a child, it is very important that you also check that the lab you use is accredited to undertake the test you need. DDC maintains a range of accreditations that ensure we use the best quality standards in our processes. So you can be assured that, not only have you received a timely report, but also a report that you can have absolute confidence is correct.

If you need additional information about a DNA paternity test, contact our experienced customer-service team on 0800 009 2969.