Finding out that you are pregnant is a hugely emotional experience for any woman. Reactions can vary from joy to shock and concern and every other emotion in between. With the sudden surge of hormones that pregnancy brings, every woman knows that she may experience a whole spectrum of emotions and many contradictory ones. These emotions can be amplified when a woman has uncertainty about the paternity of her baby. For women in this very difficult situation, the non-invasive UK prenatal paternity test offers a solution to this problem that can remove the uncertainty and stress at what should be a happy time.

Stress vs. a Prenatal Paternity Test

We know innately that stress during pregnancy might not be healthy, but now there’s proof. A recent study carried out by the University of Zurich concluded that long term, high levels of stress during pregnancy can contribute to a child developing both physical and mental issues. These conditions range from ADHD to cardiovascular diseases.

When someone is very stressed, the body produces a number of stress hormones to help the body cope with the situation. These hormones flood the body of the mother but will also pass to the baby. A little stress hormone can have a positive impact on a foetus but too much stress hormone over an extended period can also have a very negative impact.

A  prenatal paternity test is an ideal tool for any woman that has these concerns. It is now possible to take a blood test any time after eight (8) weeks of pregnancy, which along with a mouth swab from the possible father, can be tested to confirm the paternity of the baby. With this knowledge, stress will be reduced and this can only be a good thing for both mother and child.

Prenatal Paternity Test from DDC

DNA Diagnostics Centre (DDC) is one of the largest, most accredited labs in the world, and we have processed millions of samples for postnatal paternity testing. We are also the most trusted lab for a prenatal paternity test. In fact, ours is the only test on the market that’s been accredited by the AABB, a leading laboratory supervisory organization.

Requirements for a Prenatal Paternity Test

  1. The woman must be eight-weeks pregnant (or more)
  2. She must be carrying only one foetus
  3. The alleged father must also be available to test

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