Why Should you Select DDC for your UK Paternity Test?

Every year thousands of families rely on their UK paternity test reports, irrespective if they need it for personal or legal reasons. Each client needs to have total trust in the results for what can be a life-changing test. At DDC we take that trust incredibly seriously and for that reason alone we take steps to ensure that each and every test is run to the highest standards. Many customers trust us with their paternity tests because they know that with DDC, they are in safe hands, whether they need a peace-of-mind testlegal test, or a non-invasive prenatal test.

DDC Uses Dual Process™

Despite the range and volumes of tests we perform, independent teams run each and every test twice to guarantee the accuracy of the results. This is for all tests, irrespective if they prove or disprove the paternity relationship. This means you can have complete confidence that not only have we come to a conclusion once, but that your test has in fact been run twice.

Lab Accreditation Matters for your Paternity Test

The most exceptional DNA laboratories register for regular voluntary inspections by various independent accrediting organisations. This is true of DDC. The purpose of these inspections is to ensure the validity of testing methods used in the lab, the accuracy rate of results, whether or not scientists and technicians are proficient and up-to-date in training, best-practices are being implemented in the lab, and much more. For the past 16 years, DDC has earned perfect scores across the board from inspections by the ISO 1702, NYSDOH, CAP, ISO 17025 and several more accrediting bodies. As a result of these accreditations, we are able to run testing for court, immigration and personal reasons.

Convenient Options for DNA Collection

  • For personal tests we send a DNA test to your home where you collect samples for yourself by following the simple instructions in our DNA kit.
  • If you require a test for legal purposes or the test is time-sensitive, we can provide a number of witnessed DNA collection options for your UK paternity test. DDC has hundreds of collection centres where you can attend to have your samples collected by an independent, qualified collector.
  •   We have collectors across the UK and also globally, so you can be absolutely sure that we are where you need us to be when you need us to be there for you. Our collection centres are staffed by highly trained, and knowledgeable collectors, who will take your samples following the requirements needed for legal testing.
  • If getting to a collection centre in the UK is difficult and then we can send an experienced, qualified collector to come to take the samples in the comfort of you home. They will take mouth swabs for most tests and they are also able to take blood samples for any prenatal tests.

Efficiency. Accuracy. Affordability. Trust: That is the DDC way.

If you need additional information about a DNA test or want to order, contact our experienced customer-service team on 020 3301 7346.