Collection Providers Competency Quiz (Non-Australian)

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  1. Which of the following best describes the principle of Universal Precautions?

  2. Which of the following is not a Universal Precaution practices?

  3. What are blood-borne pathogens?

  4. How can you properly clean/decontaminate work surfaces?

  5. A collector may share client information with:

  6. A relative of a tested party calls for schedule and testing information you:

  7. What are acceptable forms of client identification?

  8. What can you do if no ID is available for the child? (if non-New York State collection)

  9. Which of the following are required for chain of custody?

  10. Testing on samples cannot be performed when:

  11. Who can consent to have a child tested?

  12. What information on the consent form is needed for statistical calculations?

  13. What is the preferred sample for parentage testing?

  14. Why are buccal cell samples the preferred sample type?

  15. Which of the following is a source of buccal sample contamination?

  16. A collector must refuse to do a collection or have a witness to the collection if:

  17. What measures are to be taken to prevent sample mix-ups?

  18. Which of the following repeated errors may result in a collector’s removal from the DDC draw site directory?

  19. Blood collection requires certification or documented experience due to:

  20. The items or forms the collector initials or signs include:

  21. As a collector providing services to DDC, which of the following should be avoided:

  22. After collection has been completed:

  23. Which of the following is an acceptable shipping practice?

  24. Tamper tape provides evidence of sample security. Where is the tamper tape placed?

  25. Forgot to put the instant camera in the zip lock bag?

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