Unlike other tests of the same type that are less specific, this test will suggest precisely what European countries your ancestors came from. It focuses on European genetic studies, but even members of the black population can benefit from this test as we know that some European African can carry as much as 25% of their heritage from European genes. With so much migration within Europe, most of us really are not sure of the exact countries that our ancestors probably originated from. We know our history over a few generations but what about beyond that? This new test collected data that is available but focused specifically on the academic study of genetic data within the European populations, which allow us to calculate your highest European matches.

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EURO DNA Fingerprint Plus Test Highlights:

  • Quick Results

    Highly accurate results 3 weeks after receiving sample

  • Low Cost

    Our highly accurate tests are inexpensive

  • Painless Collection

    Buccal swabbing is used to collect the DNA sample

  • Confidential

    All results are private and confidential

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