HomeDNA—DNA Diagnostic Centre’s lifestyle test division—offers a range of unique tests to our customers, such as the next-generation GPS Origins DNA test for ancestry. This innovative test can identify where your family originated and where your familial DNA migrated. The test is based on a study of over 80,000 of your autosomal genetic markers against 41 gene pools, and more than 1,000 reference populations, making it one of the most specific analyses on the market today. The test is so specific that it often shows where your ancestors originated to within 25 miles and unveils fascinating and colourful tapestry about your genetic heritage.

Dr Eran Elhaik at the University of Sheffield developed the GPS Origins algorithm. Dr. Elhaik is a renowned population geneticist who worked on technology called Geno 2.0 on behalf of the National Geographic Society in 2012.

This revolutionary technology provides results that guide you on the journey your family took to get you where you are today, showing the last three GPS coordinates and times when your DNA signature underwent significant changes. Precise geolocation data, often within 25 miles, provides new avenues for family-history research. The information you can get from this test is much more sensitive than that taken from traditional Mitochondrial or Y-Chromosome testing.

What to Expect with Your GPS Origins Test Results

  • Gene-pool percentages that show your unique makeup
  • Maternal and paternal DNA migration routes with precise geolocation ability, often within 25 miles of where your ancestors lived
  • Stories about your gene pools as well as historical information for each pinpoint on your DNA migration map
  • Access to your detailed interactive results online that is private and secure
  • Shareable results, if you want to show others what you’ve discovered

GPS Origins Test Highlights:

  • Quick Results

    Results in less than 6 weeks

  • Experienced Lab

    Highly-accredited lab with excellent customer service

  • Comprehensive Results

    Interactive online results

  • Painless Collection

    Simple cheek swab

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