HomeDNA—DNA Diagnostic Centre’s lifestyle test division—offers a range of unique tests to customers, including the HomeDNA™ Starter Ancestry Test. This unique two-part entry-level DNA test for ancestry connects your past with your present!

Part One: First we determine your basic ancestry and show you which regions you’re from within the following population groups: European, Indigenous American, East-Asian, Sub-Saharan African.

Part Two: In the second part of the report, we tell you where in today’s world you can find populations groups with which you share the most genetic similarity.

This test is a great way to get started on your family-history journey.

What to Expect with Your Starter Ancestry Test Results

  • See the percentages for your ancestral origins
  • Discover the populations that you match most closely today
  • Access to your detailed results online that is private and secure

HomeDNA™ Starter Ancestry Test Highlights:

  • Quick Results

    Results in 3 weeks or less

  • Experienced Lab

    Highly-accredited lab with excellent customer service

  • Comprehensive Results

    Printable report packed full of actionable information

  • Painless Collection

    Simple cheek swab

Test Pricing