HomeDNA—DNA Diagnostic Centre’s lifestyle test division—offers a range of unique tests to customers, including the HomeDNA Skin Care Analysis + Report. The Skin Care test is a scientifically-based genetic analysis that provides information about your skin’s genetic potential in seven key areas:

  1. Collagen Quality
  2. Skin Elasticity
  3. Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  4. Sun Protection
  5. Pigmentation
  6. Skin Antioxidants
  7. Skin Sensitivity

This unique test identifies in detail which topical skincare ingredients you should be using for optimal skin beauty and health while also providing recommendations for the best professional treatments and dietary supplements—all based on the information contained in your DNA.

What to Expect with Your Skin Care DNA Test Results

DNA-based suggestions for:

  • Best ingredients to look for when choosing topical products
  • Optimal professional treatments to help your skin look younger longer
  • Dietary supplements
  • Access to your detailed results online that is private and secure

HomeDNA Skin Care Test Highlights:

  • Quick Results

    Results in less than 6 weeks

  • Experienced Lab

    Highly-accredited lab with excellent customer service

  • Comprehensive Results

    20-page report packed full of actionable information

  • Painless Collection

    Simple cheek swab

Test Pricing