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SpermCheck Vasectomy

I’m trying to help my partner get pregnant. Can I use SpermCheck Vasectomy to check my sperm-count levels?

No. This product is only for post-vasectomy individuals and cannot be used by men trying to help their partners conceive. You can buy SpermCheck Fertility here.

What does a high test result mean?

A high result does not necessarily mean that your vasectomy was unsuccessful. However, it does mean that there are still too many sperm left in your semen. It is recommended that you continue to use birth control until you talk to your clinician and achieve a negative result on two consecutive tests.

What does a low test result mean?

A low result indicates that your sperm count is extremely low and that the chance of pregnancy is highly unlikely. However, it is still recommended that you speak to your doctor before stopping the use of other birth control methods.

My sample did not become a thin liquid after 20 minutes. Can I still perform the test?

Yes, the SpermCheck device may still provide an accurate result even if your sample does not completely liquefy. However, if your sample has not liquefied at all or if your dropper gets clogged with solid or stringy material, you should discard the sample and wait 48 hours before collecting another one. If you experience the same problem again, you should contact your clinician for a semen evaluation.

The Test Line was not visible after 7 minutes but did appear later. Does this mean there are still sperm present?

The correct time to read the results is precisely at seven (7) minutes after you add the Solution. It is possible that the Test Line may develop some color after 7 minutes, which is why reading the results before or after that time may give an incorrect result.

How often should I test myself after my vasectomy?

Your physician will generally determine the numbers of tests required to confirm your sterility. However, we do recommend that you test yourself at two different time intervals in the first three months after your vasectomy. It is best to test 60 and 90 days after your vasectomy. Additional testing should also be performed once per year after your procedure.

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