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HomeDNA™ Starter Ancestry

What is the difference between the HomeDNA Starter test and other tests for ancestry?

This test connects your past with your present! First we determine your basic ancestry and show you which regions you’re from within the following population groups: European, Indigenous American, East-Asian, Sub-Saharan African ; then in the second part of the test, we tell you where in today’s world you can find populations groups with which you share the most genetic similarity. 

Does this test tell me which specific countries I’m from?

DNA from your Past

The Starter DNA test for ancestry first gives you percentages from your past for each of these four regions: 

  1. Europe
  2. Indigenous American
  3. East-Asian
  4. Sub-Saharan African

DNA from your Present

The second part of the test then shows you the population groups from the present where DNA similar to yours is most prevalent. This is specific down to the country level.

Do you share or sell my private DNA information?

Customers trust us with their most sensitive genetic information—and we take that trust seriously. DNA results and personally-identifiable information are kept completely confidential and are not sold to or shared with a third party (except in connection with a merger/sale of our company), unless we are legally compelled to do so. We may use aggregate anonymous data (information that cannot be traced back to a specific individual) for research and marketing purposes and to improve our services. Respecting our customers’ privacy is at the heart of what we do.

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