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Pets & Vets General Information

Why should I choose DDC for my pet DNA testing?
  • Special pricing
  • We’ve been performing veterinary testing for over 15 years
  • Fast turnaround time and results are emailed instantly
  • Exceptional 5-star service and follow-up
  • Powerful testing options
How is DNA testing performed?

The technology we use most often is PCR (polymerase chain reaction) testing.

  1. First, we isolate pure DNA from the cheek swab by removing all proteins and other substances found within a cell
  2. The DNA is then placed into a thermocycler along with fluorescent primers. These primers enable the system to locate specific fragments of DNA that are used for testing. The thermocycler “amplifies” the DNA, meaning it makes millions of copies so that the genetic material can be tested
  3. After amplification, the DNA “loci” (locations on specific genes used in testing) are mapped and data is collected for each locus. This is done using an ABI Prism Genetic Analyzer
  4. A genetic profile of the animal being tested can then be created, and the profile is reviewed by a trained, experienced PhD
How long does it take to get results and how do I get them?

We email results to you in a PDF file, which can then be downloaded and printed. Turnaround time varies by test.

Where do I log in for my results?

We do not maintain an online database and all results are privacy protected. You are welcome to call or email to request a copy of results.

How accurate is testing with cheek swabs?

We guarantee the accuracy of all our DNA tests. DNA is contained in both cheek and blood cells. With today’s advancements in technology, buccal (cheek) swabs are the preferred method for collecting DNA from mammals. There is no need to obtain blood to get an adequate DNA sample.

Do I have to take my animal to the vet to get a sample?

No. All test samples can be taken at home, with minimal stress to your animal(s). We provide complete instructions on sample collection and are always available by phone or email to answer questions.

I don’t live in the United States. Can I still have my testing done through your lab?

Yes! We have loyal clients all over the world. Our DNA-sample types are wonderfully stable and non-infectious, and therefore are easy to submit by mail or courier. The only tests we cannot sell outside of the United States and Canada are the Orivet Dog Breed test and Orivet Cat DNA Health Screen & Life Plan.

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