DDC is the leader in DNA testing in Bangladesh and is helping families to be reunited as part of our global immigration DNA testing program. Our laboratory accreditations, testing excellence and our comprehensive range of DNA testing guarantees our clients high accuracy, fast testing times and first class case handling.

Explain DNA Testing in Bangladesh

Over the years we have assisted many Bangladeshis who are in need of a DNA test to provide biological evidence for their immigration application or appeal. We use certified doctors in Dhaka for all DNA sample collections. Our legal documentation and legal DNA testing collection kits are already onsite and present in Dhaka – this is to prevent any delays in sending these from our laboratory and allows our clients to book prompt appointments. Our immigration team will arrange all the necessary booking details and confirm all aspects.

The purpose of DNA testing in Bangladesh is to provide legal documentation for immigration purposes by showing that the parties being tested are biologically related. Each individual will attend the medical centre and have their DNA collected using a swab, the swab is simply brushed against the inside of the cheek and collects cells. These cells contain DNA and we analyse and cross reference the swabs to confirm a biological link. Having a DNA sample collected using this procedure is completely pain free, provides high accuracy and is very fast. The DNA samples are collected, paperwork completed and sent to DDC laboratories for analysis.

To begin, call DDC’s offices and discuss the test you need with one of our immigration experts. We will then book an appointment for you to attend the medical centre in Dhaka and confirm each step needed to be taken.

Where are you based?

DDC have numerous collection facilities across Asia. In Bangladesh we have a collection centre for our clients with DNA sample collections taking place in Dhaka.

If you would like additional details on our range of immigration DNA testing services, please call our office or send an email enquiry and we will be pleased to assist you.

Starting a new life in the UK

A growing number of Bangladeshis have entered and started a new life with their families in the UK. It’s estimated that currently there are now 500,000 Bangladeshis, with the largest community to be found in east London. Outside of the capital, there are well sized communities in Bradford, Luton, Oldham and Birmingham with smaller groups being found in Manchester, Cardiff, Newcastle upon Tyne and Sunderland.

We pride ourselves on assisting those that want to be with their families in the UK, we offer a large portfolio of DNA tests for fathers and other relationship types.

Consultation and Customer Care

Our team will guide you through the entire process of your DNA test required for immigration purposes. We will listen and understand your full requirements before advising on which family members need to be included in your test to achieve the most accurate results for you. We will be in continued contact with you to advise you on stages of the test and update you as the case progresses.

Call DDC today on 0845 408 2084 or if your calling from outside the UK please dial +44 20 3301 7346 we look forward to hearing from you and helping you join your family in the United Kingdom.