DNA Diagnostics Centre (DDC) is a prestigious and private laboratory offering DNA testing in Botswana. DDC holds full accreditation for DNA testing for both legal & immigration purposes. Established in 1995, DDC are the preferred specialists when assisting persons for immigration purposes in to the United Kingdom, Europe, or USA from Botswana.

Is DNA testing in Botswana easy to understand?

DDC have successfully completed successful analysis on over 1 million genetic tests and this includes a variety immigration tests worldwide. To begin your test is very straightforward, our immigration team would arrange appointments for those to be tested to have their DNA collected using a buccal swab. A buccal swab is similar to a fine brush and this is inserted in to the mouth and rubbed against the cheek picking up cheek cells. It’s those cheek cells that contain DNA and are essential in confirming if a biological relationship exists between the individuals being tested. These buccal samples are collected by a doctor who’s fully certified to carry out this procedure. The collection of DNA via a buccal swab is fast, highly accurate and pain free for those undertaking this.

Delivering accredited and accepted DNA immigration testing services throughout Botswana, DDC’s aim is to provide approved testing results that are affordable and accessible. Our medical centres and doctors have many years experience in dealing with individuals who require their DNA samples to be collected.

Throughout the African continent, DDC have a wide network of collection centres ensuring individuals can attend an approved DNA sample collector. As well as offering sample collection for DNA testing in Botswana, we also coordinate the collection of DNA samples in many other locations worldwide. All doctors that perform the sample collection are approved and have many years of experience working with DDC. Call out immigration team today to discuss with your specific requirements.

Where in Botswana can I have my DNA samples collected?

DDC work with key doctors for all samples collections in Botswana, thus ensuring all DNA samples are collected following strict procedures and the necessary paperwork and identity of those being tested is completed in full. For those based in Botswana our collection facility is based in Gaborone, to arrange an appointment, please call us on +44 20 3301 7346 or if your calling from within the UK, please contact us on 0845 408 2084.

A new life in the UK

Botswanan’s have recently been migrating to the United Kingdom, although the overall numbers are not that high, noticeable communities are based in south east London and throughout various cities in the Midlands.

Our DNA testing portfolio of services relating to immigration purposes have been established since 1995, offering an accredited DNA testing service that’s fast, offers high accuracy and is affordable.

Case Management

Our experienced team of consultants will advise and support you during each step of the process. We will continue to update and brief you on the progression of the test and will confirm the completion date.

Contact the DDC team immediately for expert advice on your requirements. Call 0845 408 2084 or if your contacting DDC from outside the UK please dial +44 20 3301 7346.