DDC can assist individuals in bringing family members to the UK with our accredited DNA testing immigration program. DDC’s laboratory certificates and our comprehensive network ensure that DNA Testing in China is handled in a professional and efficient manner.

How simple is DNA testing in China?

Since being established in 1995, we have developed a vast array of doctors and medical centres throughout China to assist with DNA samples collection for DNA immigration cases. Nationwide collection facilities with certified doctors are authorised to perform sample collections on our behalf. DDC ensures most medical personnel have full documentation and DNA collection supplies for your DNA test onsite eliminating any delays with shipping supplies. Our international team is constantly in contact with the sample collector ensuring all procedures are performed in full.

Assisting you or a family member in coming to the UK, DDC can assist with a DNA immigration test. DDC need to analyse and confirm a link through the testing process to determine if you’re biologically related to each other. In the first instance, a medical professional will need to collect a buccal (mouth) sample using a swab from each individual to be tested. Once these swabs have been received by DDC, we will perform the testing in our fully accredited laboratory. Once confirmation has been received that all parties tested are related, test results can be used to aid immigration in to the UK. DDC laboratory has an array of laboratory certificates and recently achieved 16 perfect laboratory inspections, ensuring that DNA testing in China completed by DDC is highly accurate, globally recognised, and accepted.

To start this process, you’ll need to call DDC’s offices and discuss the test you require and your preferred location for DNA samples to be collected. We will then liaise with the doctor who will contact the patient and schedule an appointment at a convenient time. The doctor will collect all individuals DNA with a soft swab which is fast, accurate and pain free. Once swabs are collected and the paperwork is completed, these will be dispatched to our laboratory via a secure and trusted courier to be processed.

What collection locations are available in China?

As our network is already set up and established, simply contact us with your details and where you would like to attend a medical centre and we’ll do the rest.

We have hundreds of collection centres throughout China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjan, Wuhan, Hong Kong, Chongqing, Shenyang, Dongguan, Chengdu, and Xian.

DDC has many other collection cities in all the major cities and towns. If you’re based in another location, please contact our immigration team and they will advise on your options.

Your new life in the UK

The UK and China have very good diplomatic relations and this has seen the Chinese enter the UK for a new chapter in their life. The Chinese community is the fastest growing non European ethnic group in the UK with an estimated 450,000 persons now living and working in the UK. Chinese communities can be found throughout London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Cardiff, Belfast and Aberdeen.

DDC’s expertise is assisting individuals that want to be reunited with relatives and to enjoy their new lives together. DDC offer a vast array of accredited DNA testing in China that can assist fathers, mothers, children, siblings, grandparents and aunts & uncles with DNA immigration testing services.

Superior Service and Support

DDC’s global network of collection facilities coupled with our knowledgeable immigration team are there to provide you with full support and advice you require. Our scheduling department will keep all clients fully up-to-date with case and appointment details. Our team will update all clients on test process and confirm the date your test will be completed.

We look forward to assisting you with your immigration enquiry and helping you to be reunited with your family.

Call DDC today on 0845 408 2084 or if you are calling from outside the UK please dial +44 20 3301 7346.