DDC is the leading laboratory for DNA testing in Jamaica with an emphasis on immigration testing for the UK, Europe and the USA. DDC provide embassies, solicitors, immigration experts and private clients with certified and approved DNA family relationship testing services for immigration applications and appeals. Our testing facility is fully accredited and has achieved 18 perfect laboratory inspections to date.

We have a designated immigration team that can advise you on the test that’s needed for your own immigration situation. We will determine the test type and arrange all sample collections for all individuals partaking in the DNA test. Once the analysis is underway, our immigration team will keep you briefed with the progress of your DNA test.

Understand DNA Testing in Jamaica

Since 1995, Jamaican families have continually relied on DNA Diagnostics Centre for their DNA immigration testing needs. Our DNA immigration testing portfolio is approved and our state of the art testing laboratory holds a number of prestigious laboratory certificates guaranteeing our 100% testing record.

To commence your DNA testing in Jamaica, we need to discuss your case requirements and once clarified we would coordinate all individual sample collection appointments. Our collection facilities hold the relevant DNA testing kits and official paperwork onsite; this prevents any delay for clients. The collection of DNA samples is rapid, painless and simple to take. Swabs are used to collect clients DNA samples; these are a long brush with very fine bristles that are rubbed against the inside of the cheek and the gums. The motion of the swab collects cheek cells and it’s these cells that contain your unique DNA used to perform your DNA test. Once the swabs have been sealed in the swab envelope, individuals have confirmed their identification – this can then be sent to the laboratory for analysis.

If you have additional questions regarding our process or your test choice, please call our dedicated immigration team to further discuss your requirements regarding your immigration situation. Once all is clarified, our immigration team will manage and organise all details on your behalf.

Where are you in Jamaica?

DDC have a comprehensive number of collection facilities across the Caribbean, our collection services are available in Kingston, call us today and we can arrange your DNA collection appointment at a time that’s convenient for you.

To schedule your appointment at our centres, contact our immigration advisors by phone or email and we’re be on hand to assist you.

Jamaican life in the UK

Jamaicans have been migrating to the United Kingdom for many years and the British Jamaican community is now four generations strong and is estimated at 850,000, one of the largest Jamaican diasporas in the world.

As families increase and become more settled in the UK an increasing number of Jamaicans are keen to move to begin a new life with their relatives. Large Jamaican communities can be found all over the UK, but most notably in London, Birmingham, Liverpool Manchester, Leeds Bristol and Sheffield.

DDC guarantees high accuracy DNA testing services and our testing times are concluded in 5 business days. Our immigration DNA testing in Jamaica are fully certified and approved.

Client Serving Excellence

DDC’s customer service continues to deliver for all clients and fully assist them on each step of the way. Our immigration team will offer full consultation, free advice on the DNA test you require and we shall keep you fully briefed on progression and the due date for your results.

Calling from Jamaica or outside of the UK, please ring +44 20 3301 7346. Our UK contact telephone number is 0845 408 2084 we look forward to handling your immigration case.