Established in 1995, DDC has become one of the world’s most trusted laboratories for DNA testing in Laos by offering a vast portfolio of accredited DNA testing services for clients that wish to clarify a biological relationship.

Our client services team bring a wealth of experience in DNA testing for asylum and immigration and legal disputes and will guide our clients through every step of the process. DDC are approved by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) and hold a number of prestigious laboratory accreditations including ISO17025.

Our legal testing process follows a strict chain of custody protocol and our client services team will coordinate all DNA sample collections for those taking the test. DDC has over 4,500 worldwide DNA collection centres, serves 190 countries with all DNA samples analysed twice to ensure our 100% testing record.

Understand DNA Testing in Laos

Since our establishment, DDC have assisted many families from Laos with DNA immigration testing services. Many of our clients from Laos use their DNA testing results to assist them with their immigration application or as part of their appeal. Numerous border authorities are now insisting on individuals to provide certified evidence that they are related to family members. Our specialist immigration department will provide full information on the test most suitable for your situation and arrange all appointments for sample collection. At all centres we have DNA swab kits and all official documentation required enabling fast scheduling of appointments. Our customer services department will confirm all appointments and will provide full information on the DNA sample collection location.

The collecting of DNA samples is very simple and painless. Swabs will be brushed against the inside of the cheek collecting cheek cells; it’s these cells where we extract the DNA from. Once all swabs have been collected and paperwork completed all will be securely sent to the DDC laboratory to be analysed.

Do you have additional questions? Please call the DDC immigration department for a complimentary discussion on your situation, your enquiry will be treated.

Where can I have DNA samples collected in Laos?

DDC have a vast network of global collection facilities and within Laos we have a centre based in Vientiane. Contact our team today for full advice and further details on proceeding with a test.

Laos to the UK

Laos has a population of 6.8 million and the approximate number of Lao nationals that have immigrated to the United Kingdom is estimated at 12,000 with larger communities found in east London and Manchester. There is a much larger Lao community in France due to their historical past with larger communities found in various suburbs of Paris, Lyon and Marseille.

DDC guarantee DNA testing results for immigration cases in3-4 business days and for your own peace of mind we process every DNA sample twice.

The Leading DNA Testing Company

DDC is devoted to high quality laboratory standards with outstanding accreditations for DNA testing in Laos. We provide expert handling of your case and will keep you fully up-to-date on the status of your test.

Contacting us from Laos or outside of the UK, please call +44 20 3301 7346. Our local London telephone number is 0845 408 2084. We welcome your enquiry and assisting you with your case.