DDC was established in 1995 and is a fully accredited laboratory offering DNA testing in Oman for individuals and families requiring DNA testing services for appeals and applications relating to immigration purposes.

DDC provides a wide array of DNA testing in Oman that caters to immigration, court disputes, birth certificate changes and for personal knowledge reasons. DDC work with a number of panel doctors in Oman and consistently work alongside immigration law firms and embassies.

Our skilled immigration team are on hand to advise families and individuals who require specific DNA testing information regarding how a DNA test could benefit them and their situation. Our testing procedures follow strict chain of custody protocols with the identity of those being tested being fully validated, DNA sample collection by an approved collector and the official paperwork completed in full.

DNA Testing in Oman

To begin DNA testing Oman, simply make contact with our expert immigration advisors who will offer practical advice on the test required for your own personal situation. Once clarified, we can then organise for all parties to attend a sample collection facility in their location. We have over 4,500 collection centres globally and we will schedule an appointment that’s convenient for those being tested. Once all DNA samples have been collected, the collector will confirm the identity of those who have had their DNA collected and will finalise all official documentation. We collect DNA by using the buccal swab technique, the buccal swab is similar to cotton bud and this is brushed against the inside of the cheek collecting cheek cells in the process. These cheek cells contain DNA required for analysis, the swab collection is fast, completely painless and extremely accurate.

If you would like to speak about your requirements and attain additional information, contact the immigration team at DDC and we will personally advise on your options.

Do you have a collection centre in Oman?

DDC have a number of collection centres throughout the Middle East in particular, in Oman we have a collection facility in Muscat. To schedule and confirm your sample collection appointment, call our immigration team today and they can begin to coordinate all parties’ details.

Arriving in UK

Oman has strong links to both the United Kingdom & the United States of America with increasing numbers of families from Oman migrating to the UK for a new life. Approximate numbers are thought to be around 35,000 that have made the move and predominately can be found in various suburbs of east and south east London.

DDC offers a suitable, affordable and swift DNA testing portfolio for legal and non legal situations. Our collection of DNA testing services are approved and used for a variety of purposes.

Full Service and Support

We’re delighted to assist all individuals who require further information on our DNA testing services. Call our team today for further information and have your unanswered questions addressed.

Calling from Oman or outside of the United Kingdom, please call DDC on +44 20 3301 7346. If based in the United Kingdom, our immigration hotline is 0845 408 2084, we welcome your call and look forward to helping you.