DDC is the leading laboratory for DNA testing in Rwanda for immigration issues. Many individuals including Rwandans are undertaking a DNA test to aid their immigration submission to provide additional evidence for their application or appeal.

Established in 1995, DDC have been helping families globally to be reunited by providing families with certified and highly accurate DNA testing services. Our immigration team has a wealth of knowledge on all immigration issues regarding biological proof of a family relationship.

DDC work with fully approved medical centre’s and doctors and regularly work with immigration experts in providing immigration DNA testing services. Our experienced immigration team follows a strict chain of custody that’s fully accredited and this process involves the collection of DNA samples, identity confirmation and legal paperwork being completed.

Explaining DNA Testing in Rwanda

In many cases the courts, immigration law companies and official authorities recommend that individuals thinking of migrating provide additional evidence of a family relation. To prevent the application being postponed many clients are requesting a DNA test beforehand to prevent further delays.

To begin DNA testing in Rwanda, you’re required to contact our immigration team to determine the exact tests required to meet your needs. Once this has been confirmed, we book appointments for individuals to have their DNA samples collected. The actual process of the collecting one’s DNA is fast, pain free and highly accurate. We simply use swabs to collect DNA samples; we brush the swab against the inside of the cheek collecting the cheek cells. The cells contain DNA, which is extracted in the laboratory for your DNA test. Paperwork and ID is fully completed by the doctor who will dispatch to the laboratory once checked and completed.

Where is the clinic in Rwanda?

DDC have tremendous coverage throughout Africa, with our Rwandan collection clinic in Kigali – we will schedule appointments to suit your schedule.

Confirm your appointment today, call our French & English speaking immigration team and we shall assist you with you suitable appointment times and answer any questions you may have.

Migrating to the UK

Rwandans arriving in the United Kingdom to start their new lives are increasing every year. No official figures on the exact number of Rwandan’s in the UK, but estimates suggest a figure in the region of 45-55,000. The vast majority of Rwandan communities are in the south east of the London and to a lesser extent in Birmingham, Manchester and Bradford.

DNA Diagnostics Centre offers a convenient, cost affordable and rapid DNA testing service for immigration purposes. Our DNA testing portfolio is certified and accepted for legal situations.

Consultation and Client Services

Our accomplished and knowledgeable client services department will explain the procedure of undertaking a DNA test and provide ongoing support until your test has been completed.

If your contacting us from Rwanda or from outside of the United Kingdom, please call our team on +44 20 3301 7346. If your calling us from within the United Kingdom, our contact number is 0845 408 2084. We look forward to your enquiry and helping you with your immigration needs.