DDC has been offering DNA testing in Turkey since 1995 and continues to help a large number of Turkish nationals wishing to migrate to the UK and USA. Our accredited DNA testing results are routinely used for immigration appeals and applications. National authorities are increasingly requesting individuals provide certified biological verification that families wishing to be reunited are related through an official DNA test.

Is DNA testing in Turkey straightforward?

DDC works closely with a number of doctors and medical centres in Turkey, the medical professionals are authorised to collect DNA samples for Turkish nationals. All sample collectors adhere to strict rules and regulations regarding chain of custody and have a plethora of experience in collecting DNA buccal samples.

The collection of DNA samples is very simple and painless to administer. The doctor would use a buccal swab and brush this against the inside of your cheek. During this procedure the fine bristles on the buccal swab will pick up many cheek cells from the inside of your cheek. These cheek cells contain DNA and are essential for the analysis between individuals.

DDC’s testing procedures are in accordance with a number of prestigious certificates including ISO17025 and are regularly used for immigration applications and appeals throughout the UK, Europe and USA.

To initiate arrangements for DNA testing in Turkey, please call the DDC offices on the numbers listed at the bottom of the page. We will schedule in your sample collection appointments at a time and location that’s appropriate for you and your family relatives.

Where can I have samples collected in Turkey?

DDC work with more than 4,500 collection centres around the world and the sample collectors are officially approved.

Clients must call the DDC immigration team for further details and state their preferred time and date for sample collection. In Turkey, our main collection facilities are based in Istanbul and Ankara.

Please contact our scheduling team and they’re be able to book and confirm your appointment.

Arriving in the UK from Turkey

Turks fall in two categories in the UK; there are British Turks and Turkish nationals that have immigrated. However, many individuals who are British born may have ancestral origins from Turkey or have Turkish parents. Turkish Cypriots began arriving in the UK in 1974 due to conflict and many Turks followed to set up businesses. It’s estimated there’s an approximate figure of 300,000 –500,000 Turks that are based in the UK with large communities found all over London.

DDC have helped large numbers of Turks with DNA immigration tests with our certified immigration program, enabling many Turkish families to be reunited and begin a new life in the UK. Our portfolio of DNA testing services are fully certified and for additional peace of mind all our DNA tests are run twice to ensure results are 100% accurate.

Exceptional Client Handling

DDC’s knowledgeable immigration team are able to furnish you with all details and aspects of our range of accredited and approved DNA testing services. We update all clients with a test completion date once all DNA samples have been received by our laboratory.

Should you require additional information on DDC or DNA testing in Turkey, call DDC without hesitation on 0845 408 2084. If you’re calling from Turkey or outside of the UK please dial +44 20 3301 7346. We look forward to offering you our expertise and assistance.