DDC offers DNA testing in Ukraine to assist individuals in bringing family members to the UK with our accredited DNA testing immigration program. DDC’s laboratory certificates and our comprehensive network throughout Ukraine ensure that all case management is handled in a professional and efficient manner.

Understand DNA Testing in Ukraine

DDC have successfully performed over 1 million genetic tests for customers since being established in 1995. As the chosen laboratory for DNA testing in Ukraine, DDC has an immigration programme that is accepted and certified throughout the world.

Legal documentation and legal DNA swab kits are onsite at our collection facility and this will quicken the process and complete your test at a faster rate. DDC’s immigration team will liaise with our collection facility to guarantee appointments and explain the process in detail to our clients.

If you desire a family relative to be reunited with you in the UK or USA, DDC will analyse and process DNA samples to confirm the tested parties are related. A doctor will follow a stringent procedure and will collect a simple mouth (buccal) sample from each person being tested. Soft swabs are used are for collecting your DNA from inside of the mouth. Collecting cheek cells by brushing the swab against the inside of the cheek is non-invasive, pain free and fast.

Once the swabs from all parties have been tested, identification validated and documentation completed – these will be dispatched to the DDC laboratory and the analysis will commence once received. Once the test is concluded, individuals can use those testing results as part of their immigration application or to form part of their appeal. Our testing has excelled and achieved a number of prestigious laboratory accreditations.

If you’re in need of further advice, call our offices and discuss your situation with one of our team and we can explain how the process works. Our supportive and skilled team will specify the options available to you.

Superior Service and Support

DDC’s global network of collection facilities coupled with our knowledgeable immigration team are there to provide you with full support and advice you require. Our scheduling department will keep all clients fully up-to-date with case and appointment details. Our team will update all clients on test process and confirm the date your test will be completed.

We look forward to assisting you with your immigration enquiry and helping you to be reunited with your family.

Call DDC today on 0845 408 2084 or if you are calling from outside the UK please dial +44 20 3301 7346.